Phaedra Parks Responds To Apollo’s Confession That He Lied About Kenya Moore Offering Him Sex


In a new interview with Bravo, RHOA star Phaedra Parks is speaking out about her husband Apollo’s confession that he lied about Kenya Moore coming on to him. Phaedra says she was “unmoved” by the drama and that she is focusing on her two sons; Ayden and Dylan.

Bravotv.com: Were you surprised when Apollo showed up at Ayden’s dentist appointment?
Phaedra Parks: No, I was not surprised Apollo came to Ayden’s dentist appointment. I schedule all of the children’s doctor visits, and I always make sure Apollo has all the information. We love our sons, and I always want to give Apollo the tools to be an effective father.

Bravotv.com: How did Ayden do with the dentist?
PP: Ayden was a champ at the dentist. He has always been a great brusher and flosser. My god sister Dr. Rometta Powell is a dentist, so he has visited the dentist office numerous times, but he wanted to visit a pediatric dentist since he sees Rometta as a part of our family. I have known Dr. Jaha Howard for years and knew that he would be a perfect fit for our sons.

Bravotv.com: Does Ayden still think you’re Wonder Woman?
PP: As a mother I have never been as touched to hear my son refer to me as a Super Mommy. I hope that he will always feel and know that I would jump leaps and bounds for him and his brother. As a busy working mom, it is a constant struggle for me to balance my work obligations and my boys’ needs. So him feeling that way really validates my efforts in keeping that balance. But I have to admit that if there is a Wonder Woman in this world, it is my mother. She has been such a source of strength for me and is always there for the boys and me. So let’s say instead that I am the daughter of Wonder Woman, which makes me Super Mom!


Bravotv.com: What went through your head during the scene where Apollo said he lied about seeing Kenya in LA?
PP: I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive.

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  • funkypink2014

    Phadrea is a great mother and so is her mom, the boys are precious & adorable, they will grow and prosper with two strong women by their side.
    Apollo can go suck an egg, who cares what he does and says, it’s a little too late to care about his family at this point, he should’ve thought about his” family” when he was throwing thousands upon thousands of $’s to tittie joints and other innocent peoples hard earned $.

    Phadrea and boys will survive, it’s Apollo who should worry about himself and worry about rectifying his major faults and grow to be a decent human being.

    • Karen

      I agree!

    • Tam

      Exactly I agree too!

  • Kat

    Phadrea and Apollo are BAD people. He is a criminal and she is incredibly shady.

    • Beth

      what makes phaedra shady?

  • Karen

    There is a lot more to the story than Apollo lying- Kenya still flirted with Apollo and baited Phaedra – maybe just to get a storyline- but she did some shady things too, so maybe Phaedra just wanted to stay out of the fray, focus on her kids and her life, and leave the negativity behind. She certainly has enough to deal with right now.

  • One Rotten Egg

    I’m glad Phaedra says she is focusing on her boys. However, she didn’t answe the question about her allegations and shade thrown because of what Appolo lied about regarding Kenya. why can’t shady Phaedra just apologize to Kenya for bashing on her when it was a lie she based this on? Sure Appollo started this mess, but Phaedra fanned the flames by the comments she made toward Kenya based on HIS lies.

  • suzanne

    I do not think that Phaedra owes KENDRA a damn thing. Sure, Apollo lied, but KENDRA, aka MISS AMERICA, fueled the the flames with texts, inappropriate behavior (throwing A in the pool), etc. Phaedra reactions to A’s lies were those of a wife who was trying to protect her family. She did not have all the facts. I do not think Phaedra is 100% innocent, but right now she has much bigger “fish to fry”, than apologizing to some worthless has-been.

  • VaNonna

    Kenya was flirting – maybe everything else didn’t take place, but that’s what Apollo told Phaedra. I wouldn’t offer Kenya anything

  • Marie1

    Kenya did flirt with apollo, but on the contrary, Mr Apollo also anisiated a flirtatious relationship, he didn’t respect his wife , he did this throughout the show, unless viewers forget during the trip in Mexico he barely paid attention to his wife, Phaedra had to use her energy to maintain her husband behavior. I’m married for 25 yrs, and I’m well aware if my husband is flirting . So, I never felt that Kenya wanted apollo, he was only good for “a flirtatious relationship ” , she knows he would never make a good husband anyway! ! Look at what Phaedra is going thru now!! Embarrassment and humiliation! !! She concerned about her children and her good name, just like Kenya also is!!!