Phaedra Parks Refuses To Sit For Deposition In Lawsuit Against Angela Stanton


Phaedra Parks has slammed her former friend Angela Stanton’s accusations that she was running her own check fraud scam long before Apollo Nida was arrested earlier this year. Parks has even went so far as to sue Stanton for defamation, but now that the case is underway, RadarOnline is reporting Parks has backed down from the suit.

According to court documents, Phaedra has repeatedly refused to sit for a deposition on just how she was involved with the check cashing scam that sent Stanton and several other associates to prison.

Parks is suing Stanton over claims she made in her book, Lies of a Real Housewife, including the allegation that Parks oversaw a check fraud scam that also involved auto VIN fraud. Parks claims Stanton’s allegations are libelous. But on February 24th, attorneys for Stanton filed a motion requesting a judge to make a summary judgment in her favor, effectively ending the suit as a loss for Parks, because they claim the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been less than forthcoming with evidence supporting her side of the case.

Court documents state, “the record contains no reasonable basis upon which [Parks] may prevail on her claims … Specifically, all the evidence in the record points firmly to the conclusion that the statements contained in [Stanton]‘s book, Lies of a Real Housewife, regarding Plaintiff Parks are true.”

“Parks has produced no evidence in the record supporting her claim,” the motion insists. Furthermore, “Parks has not appeared for the taking of her properly noticed deposition, has not submitted any affidavits, nor has she introduced any other shred of documentary evidence supporting her claims.”

From November 15th, 2013, on, the motion claims, Stanton’s lawyers “began asking for available dates to take Parks’ deposition. From that date forward,” they tried to “work with Parks, by and through her counsel, on numerous occasions to schedule her deposition, but has met with nothing but excuses, refusals, and empty promises…”

They claim Parks has shown a ”refusal to participate in good faith in the discovery process,” and are therefore asking a judge to throw out her case and find in favor of Stanton. They also request that Parks pay Stanton’s attorneys’ fees for what they call a “frivolous” lawsuit, in addition to any other sanctions “deemed appropriate by the court.”

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