Phaedra Parks Opens Up To Claudia Jordan About Divorce And Her Friendship With Kandi Burruss


When the Real Housewives of Atlanta traveled to Manila in Sunday night’s episode, Phaedra Parks opened up to new Housewife Claudia Jordan about the difficulty of divorce.

Claudia shares with Porsha that when she got divorced her ex-husband’s family begged her not to go through with it, but she reached a point where she had to. Jordan asks Parks when her breaking point was with Apollo.

“I’m not really going to discuss that with you,” Phaedra says. “I’m real private so I don’t go around chatting with a lot of people.”

When Claudia insists she isn’t trying to pry, Phaedra continues, “I see this as a major trial. I just have to get through it, but I have to surround myself with people who have my back. NeNe and Porsha… they’ve been extremely supportive. Obviously, it’s very tough… not because of me but because it affects my kids so much. You have all kinds of weird stares and stuff. My oldest son is very much traumatized, asking those difficult questions like, ‘Can we apologize?’ and I can’t explain that.”

In her confessional, Phaedra says, “It’s just unfair that my innocent children will have the whole world looking at them sideways because of something that their father did. I can only pray that the stares and judgement will fade with time.”

Claudia then asks Phaedra why she didn’t mention Kandi’s name when she was sharing who had been supportive and asks if they are still tight.

“We’re cool,” Phaedra says, elaborating about her relationship with Burruss in her interview. “Everyone has different expectations about friendships. It’s easy to find someone to ride with when everything is good… it’s when you’re sitting on four flat tires and you need someone to help you and pick you up and give you a ride, that’s when the true friendship comes into play.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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7 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Opens Up To Claudia Jordan About Divorce And Her Friendship With Kandi Burruss”

  1. Ain’t that the truth, when the going get tough, and when times get lean and lines get drawn in the sand, so many weaker, more self interested people just can’t find the wherewithal to show up. The ones that do, their the keepers.

  2. Disappointed in Claudia–kept prying.
    Phaedra is just too shady to ever feel sorry for. Even though she said things were cool with Kandi to her face, she was still shady.

    1. Totally Agee Rotten Egg! Phaedra is too shady and that constant eye roll and smirk , enough already! Given what her husband has done, a little humility wouldn’t kill Her, and before anyone jumps down my throat, that’s just MY opinion. And YES I think even though she’s not in on the scheme ( allegedly!!) , wish she would act a less less arrogantly ! And enough of the ‘kids’ pass!!! We are mostly all mothers here , we do our duty as mothers and don’t expect accolades. Well the good news is, there’s plenty of felons so she won’t be single for long .

  3. I believe Kandi cares for Phaedra but Kandi has problems in her marriage and I dont think she can emotionally go there with Phaedra so she keeps her distance. Kandi is going through stuff too and I think it scares her and if Kandi doesnt talk about the elephant in the room it will go away.

  4. Something – maybe Todd’s loyalty to Apollo- is coming between Kandi and Phaedra. Maybe Phaedra feels she can’t trust Kandi to keep her secrets from Todd- and Todd will help out Apollo. Maybe as per Kandi’s usual MO, she can’t pick a side between Apollo and Phaedra -and Phaedra feels that. Maybe like Paul ^ above said Kandi is too engrossed in her own problems to reach out to Phaedra. But Kandi’s silence and reluctance to deal with it makes it seem as if it doesn’t mean that much to her. That’s the signal she gives off.

  5. The dinner with all the girls, set up by Kandi seemed like a set-up. I don’t know if it was, maybe it wasn’t but it felt that way. It could have been editied to be that way. All one on side of the table, Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia confronting Phaedra with what Peter had told Cynthia. It felt that the dinner was set up for 3 women to confront Phaedra about what Apollo had said to Peter. Cynthia wanted to put this conversation on the table for what ? Then Kenya said there was more to the conversation, and Kenya only heard what Cynthia had told her. It seemed very much like a set up. I know that Phaedra had called Kenya really bad things, but Kenya acted inappropriately with Apollo, not only with one trip, but 2 trips. Kenya said, lets all get in the pool, took her throw over off and had a yellow bikinni on. she wanted apollo to see her. Kenya was not innocent. I didn’t like the set-up dinner for Phaedra. Maybe Phaedra needed Kandi to talk to her about the dinner, it was Kandi that set the dinner up.

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