Phaedra Parks: My Mother Has Been My Rock


Phaedra Parks is revealing how important her mother has been in helping her get through her issues with Apollo. In a new interview with Bravo, Parks dishes on her mother’s support and Porsha and Kenya’s hug. Has your mom been a good source of support during your issues with Apollo?
Phaedra Parks: My mother is and always has been my rock. She is a tremendous source of strength for me, and provides me with guidance, love, and faith. I know that I can rely on her, and that she will always be there for me. Much of what I have learned about being a mother comes from my mom, and she has instilled in me a very good maternal instinct on which I rely everyday. I am incredibly grateful to have my mother there for both the good and the bad times. Do you have story time with the boys every night? What’s their favorite book?
PP: We have story time and pray every night before bedtime. As a parent, instilling core values and faith-based principles is important to me. Currently, their favorite book is Granny, Who Is God? by Carmen Bogan. Were you surprised that NeNe, Porsha, Cynthia and Kenya were able to squash all of their beef?
PP: Like I have said many times, this is none of my business, so I am going to stay out of it. I will say that, as with most things in life, time will tell. I think it was a great move on NeNe’s part to get everyone at the table to lay a foundation for a more peaceful existence. There was a lot of emotion and even more history sitting at that table, and it’s going to take a lot of work on everyone’s part to get along. Whenever there are conflicts like this, I think it is important for each person to recognize what the others are and are not capable of. If you understand a person’s limitations, and adjust your expectations accordingly, there is a much greater chance of success.

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4 Replies to “Phaedra Parks: My Mother Has Been My Rock”

  1. Phaedra is fortunate to have a strong and loving mother, and it’s good she recognizes her good fortune. I wonder what happened to Phaedra’s Father?

  2. Phaedra is one of my favorite housewives. Her mother is a good southern mother who will stick by their children’s side no matter right, wrong, good, or bad. I also think Phaedra has said her mother is minister. I love how she handles all her situations….. with momma by her side.

  3. I also agree that Phaedra is fortunate to have her mom to stand strong and guide and support her during these difficult times. Cudos to Pastor Parks!! But, I do not believe 100%that getting the ladies together to apologize and become friends against was NOT GENUINE and a huge SET UP by bravo for the next cat fight! !! I’m just saying! !! Nene absolutely does not want to be bested with Cynthia and neither does Porsha with Kenya! ! I’m so sorry that these two women are being caniving, and deceitful! !! A damn shame!!

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