Phaedra Parks Knows The Right Man Is Looking For Her


RHOA star Phaedra Parks is updating us on her two sons and her love life in a new interview with Bravo. Parks says she knows the right man is looking for her and talks about her children’s favorite activities. She also throws a little shade a Moore Manor. What’s new with Ayden and Dylan?
Phaedra Parks: Ayden and Dylan are doing great! Dylan is an active 3-year-old. He loves karate, sword fighting, and matchbox cars. His big brother, Ayden, is a happy, talkative, and inquisitive first grader. His favorite subjects are math and science. After school he enjoys playing golf, his Cub Scout den activities, and keeping stats on all his favorite football teams. At home they love to play together and learn viral dance challenges. What would you be looking for in a new man?
PP: I am not looking for a man, as I know the right man is looking for me. When he finds me, I know he will be God fearing, kind, generous, conscientious, but most importantly he will love my sons as much as I do. My first priority is always my children, so to date me, you have to court them as well. What were your first impressions of Moore Manor?
PP: You will have to tune in next week to see why I didn’t really have an impression of Moore Manor. I will say descending down her driveway will make your heart race faster than a roller coaster ride.

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4 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Knows The Right Man Is Looking For Her”

    1. Probably like a 19 year old girl. A lot of the women actually look a hell of a lot more youthful when they’re not wearing all that heavy film make-up. I wish they had the courage to switch it up sometimes…but then the public probably wouldn’t like that, so they’re all damned if they do & damned if they don’t, I guess.

  1. Let’s see,
    What kind of man is looking for Phadera?
    Humm, just another Felonious, thieving opportunist?
    With hearing problems, bad eyesight and someone who doesn’t mind being emasculated?

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