Phaedra Parks: I Just Hoped Apollo Would Not Create A Scene


Phaedra Parks is talking about her awkward run-in with Apollo Nida at the launch party for Demetria McKinney’s new music video in a new interview with Bravo. Phaedra also shares her opinions about her new co-stars Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney. Did you find the advice from Kandi’s cousin Melvin helpful?
Phaedra Parks: A personal perspective based on experience is always insightful. I appreciate him sharing his thoughts and experience with me so openly. What were your first impressions of Demetria and Claudia?
PP: When I attended Demetria’s event, my focus was an evening of escape from my current reality. I didn’t attend with the idea of engaging in any captivating conversations. I had very limited interaction with Demetria and Claudia, so my first impression was merely that both women were attempting to embark on new career and relationship frontiers. How difficult was it for you when Apollo surprised you at the party?
PP: It was not difficult at all, but quite uncomfortable. Not only uncomfortable for me, but I would think uncomfortable for everyone else as well. I cannot think of a more inappropriate time or place to have a private conversation about our marriage than in the middle of a nightclub during the premiere of a music video. At that particular place in time, the tension in our relationship was at an all-time high. And even though Apollo had not been around much, the stress was ever present as was evident. I was just really hoping he would not create a scene. My goal was to not fan any of his ego flames, nor have a private conversation in a public place. Everybody knows it would be better to let your slip show a little bit in order to avoid the possibility of having to show your entire ass.

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3 Replies to “Phaedra Parks: I Just Hoped Apollo Would Not Create A Scene”

  1. Ha ha ha – love the shade back at that very snarky and snippy remark Cymtjia made toward Phaedra- “You’re slip is showing.”

  2. If only Phaedra was a real Southern Belle rather than a ‘Gone With The Wind’ version. There are those among us who know if a woman says she is a Southern Belle, she isn’t. Phaedra has a nasty mindset and a mean disposition.

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