Phaedra Parks Is Excited For Shereè Whitfield’s Return, Talks First Episode Of RHOA


It may have only been the first episode but there was too much shade to handle for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fans were at the edge of their seats watching show veteran Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore go at it, Peter Thomas’ viral video, and Kandi Burrus announcing her pregnancy. And while it was also catching up with the housewives, we also got to take a peak into watch Phaedra Parks’ life is like without husband Apollo as he is serving an eight year prison sentence for fraud. She chatted with Bravo about this crazy first episode and what else is going on in the life of the Southern Belle herself. What have Ayden and Mr. President been up to since we last saw them?

Phaedra Parks: What haven’t they been up to would be an easier question to answer! Dylan is 2 and just started pre-school; he is making lots of friends and enjoys all the activities he gets to do at school. Ayden is 5, just started kindergarten, plays soccer, and, like every Southern gentleman, is learning how to play golf. Both of them are very engaged with school and friends. What was going through your mind when Porsha filled you in on the video of Peter?

PP: I tried not to jump to any conclusions, because if there is one thing we have all learned, it is that things are not always as they appear. That being said, there was certainly an appearance of impropriety, and I would think a married man should be sensitive to that fact. Hopefully, Cynthia and Peter will be able to work through this and move on. Was it difficult coming to the decision to divorce Apollo?

PP: It is always difficult when a husband and wife decide they are no longer going to be together, especially when children are involved. At the end of the day our children are most important, and they will always be my main focus and first priority. Had you kept in touch with Sheree?

PP: Sheree and I run into each other periodically. For the past four years I have been pregnant or a new mom, which limited my time to socialize. That being said, I am excited Sheree has returned to our circle. What was your take on the Kenya and Sheree altercation?

PP: I was not surprised the altercation occurred. I am not sure why Kenya is so obsessed with Chateau Sheree. I would think her time would be better spent worrying about Moore Manor. However, minding one’s business has never been anyone in this group’s fortè. Thank God Cynthia had sunglasses, because her party was a shady event.

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19 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Is Excited For Shereè Whitfield’s Return, Talks First Episode Of RHOA”

  1. I hope Sheree is strong enough to give it back to Kenya, someone needs to and I don’t think any of the others will. Still not sure if I will watch I will keep an aye on the comments here before deciding.

    1. Sally no disrespect- but Sheree is SHADY and a Pot Stirrer- when she pulled Kim’s hair way back ,,,,Well lets just say she showed what sort of Lady she is and Lady is not a word to describe her but I am being Nice. Her and Phaedra are BOTH fakes — I cant hardly watch Phaedra The Holy One Please Nasty one is more like it– shes mad that Apollo left belongings at others homes- and Damn its getting cold and she has a heat bill to pay JMO

      1. V V, no disrespect taken, I never said Sheree wasn’t shady, I think most of them are on ATL, but I cannot stand Kenya who in my opinion is the shadiest of them all, coming on to the show with her fake boyfriend Walter. All I want to see is someone stand up to her. Then I want to hear Sheree say ‘who’s gonna check me boo’ then I’m happy or will be when Kenya twirls off.

  2. I am with you Sally. Don’t want to watch but will keep tabs on the comments. I have always enjoyed Phaedra’s comments the most..

  3. I think Kenya loves the attention it brings her. She is the reason I don’t like to watch. She is so pretty on the outside but so mean inside.

    1. I agree….it’s one thing to like the attention a completely different to ALWAYS be the point of contention. She is constantly at the center of drama. It gets old and predictable.

    2. Quiet as it’s kept, I used to do the Pageant circuit (for a VERY short time) when I was a teeny bopper: the truth is.. most beauty queens are, hahaha.

      They’ll stab you in the chest with prong of their tiaras, all with perfect posture and a Colgate smile, lololol.

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