Phaedra Parks Gets Grilled During Part 4 Of RHOA Reunion

The fourth part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired Sunday night and we’re pretty sure it will go down as one of the more famous Housewives moments in history. Picking up from last week’s episode where Porsha Williams admitted that Phaedra Parks had told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker wanted to essentially date rape her, all eyes were on Phaedra to explain herself.

Proving Kandi’s theory that Phaedra had been using Porsha all season long, Parks claimed she heard the rumor from Kandi, first hand. “I shouldn’t have repeated it,” Phaedra said, as Porsha burst into tears. “Maybe you heard me wrong.”

After the ladies took a break from filming the reunion, it became clear that Phaedra was not going to take accountability for anything she did, and this meant Porsha stopped protecting Phaedra while filming. Phaedra had no intention of stopping the way this criminal accusation she’d just made up as it escalated. Keep in mind how many chances she had throughout the season: The dinner in Hawaii, the restoration service, literally any other day she’d been alive.

“I just want to know when you were going to stop the all the madness,” Porsha asked Phaedra pointblank. Phaedra was silent.

With reports of Kim Zolciak-Biermann returning to the show next season, we think this might be the last we will see of Parks, because who would want to film with her at this point?

What were your thoughts on the reunion?

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17 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Gets Grilled During Part 4 Of RHOA Reunion”

  1. They will replace one corpse for another….at least Kim is funny with her wigs and her Daisy Duck lips

  2. Morning Rain, what a revaluation! Phaedra was “Stone Cold” and all I could think of is, how her conniving mind must have running through every possible scenario she could come up with, to get herself out of this colossal lie she started. And she calls herself a lawyer? During the season she couldn’t answer any of Kandi’s questions claiming client confidentiality, but behind Kandi’s back ……….OMG. Unlike you Rain, I’m not giving Porsha a “Get Out of Jail Card”. What I didn’t know until last night, was that Kandi doesn’t even drink? Now you know all the ladies on the show knew that and still Porsha turned a blind eye, because she wanted too. Plain and simple. She wanted to believe the absolute worse because there isn’t anything between her ears. Does she have two black eyes like Phaedra, no but she sure has one huge shiner on the other as far as I’m concerned. I think they both should be taken off the show and the sooner the better. I had always questioned how much Phaedra knew about Apollos shady dealings. Not anymore. She is as shady and dirty as they come. And isn’t it always the ones who claim to be so “Christian” that turn out to be the worst?

  3. How can they possibly keep her on the show now. She has gone way too far this time!!!! If I were ANY of the other ladies – I would never speak to nor film with her again.

    1. You are correct!
      Vicki/Brooks & Teresa/Joe lied.
      The difference is they lied about their own circumstances.
      They are not Attorneys. They didn’t slander or openly lie to discredit anyone which could destroy/damage reputations or plot to destroy someone’s livilihood, reputation or career.
      Vicki lied with/for Brooks.
      Teresa and Joe defrauded the Government.

  4. We agree that she is dumb, however that is no excuse in the eyes of the law. She willingly spread lies to defame and may have caused huge financial damage to Kandi. Time will tell on that. But I feel anyone who is that stupid is dangerous. Phaedra knew that and used her while she sat back and watched it all unfold. Wonder what Andy and Bravo will do?

  5. Here’s to Kandi suing the HECK out of Faketra! Also, hope the Feds keep on watching Faketra–she will have her day in court (and behind bars, I hope).

  6. What a finale. Phaedra was cornered. That’s what malicious gossip does & all of these women thrive on believing the worst of each other. It’s a nasty back-stabbing all the time. Phaedra was guilty & it showed. She’s a lawyer & knew if she said the truth or apologised, the consequences would be dire.
    Kenya’s face spoke volumes, she was happy with the outcome. As much as I like Phaedra & Porsha, wrong is wrong & this was downright malicious, no excuses.
    Unfortunately, I still dont like Kandi & felt no pity for her. All of her mother’s vindictive words & actions finally hit on her just as nasty minded daughter.

  7. I haven’t been watching any television for weeks.I just NOW, finished watching all 4 of the Atlanta Reunions..
    This last Reunion truly, lived up to the term ” Epic”!!
    Faekdra should be disbarred. If, I were Kandi I would completely sue Fakedra into the next Century. Fakedra has always appeared to be inauthentic, vengeful and shady but I can not fathom why she would openly slander and try to ruin the livelihood of a castmate Openly on National Television.
    Who would hire her as an Attorney after this? I honestly believe she was using Porshe as a scapegoat. (I am not fond of Porshe but I sincerely felt sick to my stomach when Porshe figured out that “Frick” was using her.)
    I almost did a spit take when she mentioned “Ethics”.
    Wow! Fakedra doesn’t need a “Spiritual Renewal” that Sociopath needs an ” Exorcism”.
    I hope Kandi & Todd take her to the Mat.
    Fakedra is the worst kind of hyprocrite. She is Miss Southern Belle from Hell..
    Great TV, though..

  8. Good morning, lovelies!
    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    Shady PhaePhae got her donkey booty handed to her by none other than her dumb bunny Frack, it was rich!!!! When even Underground Railroad Porsha sees the light, you know your goose is cooked.
    Pretty sure her professional life won’t suffer much, there are plenty of shady people out there to retain her.
    Did anyone see WWHL with Kim? I fell asleep, would love to hear what she said.
    Christian is as Christian does, Phaedra. Talk is cheap, especially yours.

  9. I think Shamea would be a great addition! I have to get to bed, but knowing how much we loved the ridiculousness that was this reunion, I cannot go before telling you that Angela Stanton’s tell-all book on Phaedra’s illegal activities hit number one on Amazon, and Honey the urban blogs are reporting today that Phaedra’s “Mr. Chocolate” that she sought encouragement from was none other than JAMAL BRYANT, GISELLE BRYANT of RHO-Potomac’s ex-husband, ALLEGEDLY!!! Lord help me!!! The messiness of it all!
    See ya tomorrow, folks!

  10. Hi Sunshine, hope you’re at your best & all’s good your way as well.
    On the Kandi thing. All the horrible things her mom said/did, not once that I can remember did Kandi stand up for truth or even attempted to stand in correction of her mother. Rather she accepted & for the most part, enjoyed the filth coming out of her mother’s mouth & laughed. Lot’s more that’ll take too much time I’m thinking. But, I started seeing a replica of her mother in her & I just turned off of her totally. She’s no innocent, she strikes me as being quite underhanded & I do not like that. In a nutshell, I’m 100% positive she’s not to be trusted. I wont fault her alone, I think for the most part, they’re all low & trashy, even Cynthia. ( was it last season at a restuarant, she hit below the belt with her attack on Phaedra based on gossip her then hen of a husband, Peter told her?) Each & every one will knife the other.
    In the case of Phaedra & Porsha, that was beyond wrong, deciteful & downright shaming & defaming. I blame Porsha as much as I do Phaedra. An aunt that I looked up to & dearly loved, once told me that it’s not so much who says something wrong, but it is the one who takes it back to attack & create confusion that is the true culprit.

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