Phaedra Parks Not Focusing On Apollo’s Jail Sentence


Apollo Nida was sentenced to 8 years in prison earlier this week and throughout the process, everyone wondered, ‘Where’s Phaedra?’ Parks did not attend Nida’s sentencing and the couple has reportedly been apart for 95 days. Now, Parks’ BFF Kandi Burruss is opening up about how Phaedra feels about her husband’s legal woes.

“She’s basically working,” Burruss told Hollywoodlife. “That’s how I deal with things too; when I have a lot going on, I just put more into work.”

“I know that she’s promoting her book and doing her book tour,” Burruss continued. “. . . She’s not really trying to focus as much on what’s happening.”

When Nida was asked why his wife wasn’t present at this sentencing, he said, “I don’t know. We have other issues. She had to go ahead and take care of our children.”

Apollo previously told Radar that he and Phaedra were working on things. “I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be as supportive as a wife should be,” he said. “But if she chooses to derail from the plan, then that’s what she chooses to do.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Phaedra can distance herself from Apollo, but the truth will catch up and it won’t be long before she gets caught too.

  • Tam

    Ahr hello!! Think you already derailed from the plan dude!! While she was studying and looking after the kids you were at strippers , trying to get a piece of Kenya and ripping people off!!! Why should she have to lay in the bed you made!!

  • Karen

    All I can say, is I feel really really sad for those super cute little boys. I hope for their sake, Phaedra is keeping Apollo in their lives. He seemed to be a good daddy to them. Eight years is a long time to be away from your daddy. 🙁

  • LocoForBravo

    Run Phaedra Run!