Phaedra Parks Filming One Last Scene For RHOA?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was fired from the show after last season’s reunion and wrongly implicating Kandi Burruss for sexually abusing Porsha Williams, but according to a new report, Parks may be back to film one last scene.

AllAboutTheTea is reporting that Parks will film one last scene with Porsha Williams where she apologizes to Porsha for misleading her.

“An ATL snitch tells AllAboutTheTea that Porsha finally cracked and has agreed to film with the ostracized reality star,” an insider says. “Porsha has agreed to have a sit-down with Phaedra,” the insider explained. “Porsha is the only one agreeing to film scenes with Phaedra. Bravo wants to tie up loose ends before Phaedra exits the show.”

Do you think Phaedra deserves a final scene?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Bon Vivant

    Honey, she’s long overdue to have started the Phaedra Parks Apology Tour. I hope for her sake, and for the sake of what’s left of her reputation that her two sons will one day grow up to learn about- she’ll hop on that train quick and get to showin’ some contrition for her dastardly deeds.

    • Rain

      I doubt she learnt anything 🙂 she doesn’t even think she’s done anything wrong LOL

  • One Rotten Egg

    Faketra DOES NOT deserve to be on the show, trying to portray herself as being “sorry” (not sorry”, getting in her last word, twisting somehow to go “on record” as to why or what she really meant….NOPE, not buying the “apology” tour on this show one bit from Faketra.

    BRAVO–shame on you!

  • starr

    Yes, Phaedra deserves to say what led her to say such an awful thing. Kandi & family have not exactly been kind to phaedra in any form or fashion & I guess she wanted to hurt as she was hurt by them.
    As for Porsha, she had much bad to say & is playing the victim card to the hilt. She is no innocent.

  • Laforge

    Porsha needs to go! Who si going to film with her? Nobody likes her … she is not friends with anyone… iss ridiculous…..

  • Rita Keita

    I’m confused, when you do a historical tracing of all the housewives, each one has done or said something derogatory, why not fire them because d defamation of character is definitely visible.

  • Michael

    Yes!!! This reminds me of the that last meeting on RHONJ with Danielle Staub and Caroline Manzo in the season 2 finale

  • Jenny_Jenn

    Why was Phaedra fired but Tamra is still on the RHOC? Tamara and her son tried to date rape Gretchen but her sorry ass is still on TV? WTF?
    Watch the episode entitled “Naked Wasted” if you need proof. She’s disgusting.
    They BOTH should be fired!

  • JMo

    Never want to see Faketra again!!!

  • Watching in Ohio

    No I don’t. I think she’s a total fake ..fake Southern belle persona.. she’s a hood rat! .
    Definitely a fake Christian.. she’s filthy..loves strip
    clubs and “long dong”and midgets seem to be her thing! She has been outed as a Criminal by a former “convicted colleague. Who wrote a book about it..Fakedra sued her and got nowhere.. so the accusations stand! She is not the innocent victim she portrays herself..she knew what her husband was up too and was probably the master mind of the whole scheme! She tried to con him in the divorce and got called out by the court! She’s disloyal and vicious! She has tried to get back at Kandi and Todd ever since they asked for some to got the workout video! She’s dirty dirty dirty! She USED Porsha because she knows she’s dumb and she’s too cowardly to do it herself! Oh and she’s a rotten lawyer. Don’t waste your time Iesha..she secretly disposed you and is t a friend to anybody! Too impudent and self obsorbed! She’s really ugly too.. it comes from within and it shows! Sorry.. my opinion!

    • Rain

      I’m with ya in all that 🙂

  • sunny2424

    No. I don’t think she deserves any more scenes. She’s an attorney and she knows how serious her accusations were to Kandi and Todd. If anything she should apologize to Kandi. At least do that first and then maybe address
    Porsha. I’m so thankful they let her go after such desperate attempts at bringing down other cast members. I think
    she needs some help from a qualified professional.