Phaedra Parks Denies Lying About Filing for Divorce

First, Phaedra Parks says she was officially single and then Apollo Nida said that wasn’t true.

But, TMZ has gotten to the bottom of all of the divorce rumors surrounding the former RHOA couple.

Court documents that where previously private have become unsealed, and it looks like Phaedra was the one telling the truth the whole time.

According to the docs, Apollo was served divorce papers back in March while he was behind bars, and even asked the court if he could have more time, which was granted.

As the months went by, so did Apollo’s response to the divorce, and so after four months the judge finally signed off on the divorce.

In the documents it talks about a parenting plan. Stating that Phaedra would get physical custody while Apollo is behind bars. Once Apollo gets out he will be granted visitation, with one detail stating that Phaedra has final say over any parenting disagreements.

Photo Credit: Bravo