Phaedra Parks Denies Claims She Oversaw Fraud Scheme, Sues Former Friend


Real Househusband of Atlanta Apollo Nida was arrested on January 24th on bank fraud and identity theft charges and ever since it seems people have been wondering if his wife Phaedra Parks knew anything about his business dealings. According to newly unearthed court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Parks has been scrambling for years to silence a woman who’s been making explosive claims about Park’s own activities.

Phaedra sued Vibe magazine for publishing the allegations from a woman, Angela Stanton, in May of 2012. That case was later dismissed, but four months later, Parks filed a lawsuit against Stanton herself, which is still ongoing in Georgia. Parks wants millions of dollars for statements Stanton made which she claims are false and defamatory. A judge has yet to rule on the matter, but Stanton’s claims are shocking.

Stanton’s allegations were originally published in a book, Lies of a Real Housewife, but Parks reproduced them in a court complaint obtained by Radar. Among the claims that Parks disputes is the fact that she first met Stanton around 2001, and forged a close friendship that soon turned into a shady business alliance.

According to the court docs, Stanton claims that Phaedra and Apollo “were remaking fraudulent insurance checks … we were all involved in the federal racketeering scheme against the federal government.”

“We would basically go to the car lot and write down the VIN numbers of the vehicle that we felt as if we wanted to keep or would make a good sale,” Stanton alleged. “Once we recorded the numbers down off of the VIN, we would take them back to Phaedra and [another associate], and once they had it they would make a false identification card and a registration card to match the vehicle.”

“With the state issued ID, and proof of ownership, I would be able to visit any luxury car dealership, provide them with the necessary documents, as well as a fee … then just like that they would cut a computerized key to the vehicle,” Angela previously explained. “…The Cars were then sent to a chop shop. The VIN numbers were filed down and replaced with new ones. Once replaced, I was provided with fraudulent certificates of vehicle titles …”

“Phaedra’s schemes were clever and elaborate,” Stanton once said, according to Parks’ complaint. “She never ceased to astound each and every time she approached me with an assignment. … I often found myself excited about learning her tricks of the trade. Phaedra was this crooked attorney who knew how to commute crimes against the federal government.”

Stanton was later arrested for the crimes, along with Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, and another business associate. Though she has claimed Parks promised to represent her in court, that offer never came through. “The day of my arraignment finally comes,” Stanton alleged, according to Parks’ complaint. “She doesn’t show up. When the judge puts in a call for Phaedra, she tells the judge she won’t be representing me due to a conflict of interest.”

“Maybe she got scared, maybe she thought I would tell,” Stanton accused. “Maybe, you know, she felt that it was just getting too hot. I couldn’t understand why she had just totally and completely abandoned me.”

Angela, along with Apollo and another business associate spent time in prison while Phaedra was never even a suspect, Stanton alleges. But now she wants people to know who Phaedra really is.

“Phaedra Parks was a snake I allowed to slither into my life,” she has said, a claim Parks slams as false. “Once she got close enough to bite me, she did! As she slithered away, she left me to die a slow, and sure death. The heifer never even looked back. She walked away from our treasured turned corrupt friendship with not as much as a blemish to her name.”

Phaedra has said in court that all of Angela’s accusations are libelous. It has bee reported that Stanton helped build the federal case against Apollo Nida.

Photo Credit: Bravo