Phaedra Parks Courtroom Spin-Off Show!

Phaedra P

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Phaedra Parks has landed herself her own spin-off show! StraightFromTheA reports Phaedra will be starring in a show where she will use her attorney skills! The show is rumored to be similar to “People’s Court,” where Ms. Parks will put her mediation skills to the test as she works with two parties reach a resolution to legal issues.

Reports suggest there is more than one idea being considered for Phaedra’s show. One is Phaedra will be making home visits for her cases and working through the issues with the parties. The other would be the show taking place in a fake “courtroom” where she will act in a judge role, similar to Judge Judy.

Phaedra has denied any rumors of a spin-off show!

Would YOU watch this?

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5 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Courtroom Spin-Off Show!”

  1. I wouldn’t watch the show if it was the last one on the tv. This woman is just like someone I used to work with and seems to be able to con so many people it isn’t funny. It is ridiculous how she keeps making comments about Kenya being crazy. Poor Kenya is just very reactionary & Fakedra uses that against her. Thumbs DOWN!!

  2. Yes I would love to see Phaedra with her on show, but Phaedra please keep it classy and watch using the f bomb. And for all the people that say poor Kenya, must be watching a different show than RHOA because she is a snake in the grass, look what he did to Cintha, than Porasha, next NeeNee at the fun raiser, and coping the booty dvd, and the way she treated Walter now she saies he is stalking her that’s a hoot…

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