Phaedra Parks’ Children Have Yet to be Approved Prison Visitation for Apollo Nida


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks has been under a lot of heat for not sending her two sons Dylan and Ayden to visit their father in prison. It has been a big controversy on the show as fans see her now without her husband Apollo and raising her two sons, and TMZ has reported that the children are still not approved to see Nida.

The site reports: “The kids have been video chatting with their dad everyday and they sent him an Xmas care package, but we’re told Phaedra is relieved they haven’t been approved yet because she thinks the kids are too young to handle visits to prison.” Ayden is 5 and Dylan is 2.

What do you think of Phaedra’s decision? Should the children see their father in jail? Sound off in the comments below!

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8 Replies to “Phaedra Parks’ Children Have Yet to be Approved Prison Visitation for Apollo Nida”

    1. Absolutely! She is their mom and sole financial supporter. They can video chat with their dad daily and that is enough. If he was truly a loving dad he would have spent as much time as he could have with them before he left. Sadly, we know that didn’t happen. Whatever SHE decides is fine with me. P.S, she has the cutest and most well spoken children ever!!!

    1. It is sad Miss Sally. Poor little darlings dont deserve this. Was so glad to know they facetime every day. Thank God for modern technology at times like this. It would be nice if they could see their Dad in person once in awhile. Not sure if he could touch the on prison but if so that is pretty important.

    2. What does it say about Apollo that he would even want these little children to go to a prison and see him locked up?
      He’s a complete narcissist.

  1. There’s no way that at that age they should be in there. They won’t understand it and the last thing any child needs to see is their role model in jail. It’s horrible and sad. The whole process is overwhelming too.

  2. I agree. Phaedra has done a remarkable job with her little ones and I am glad they get to video chat with him on a daily basis. I don’t think he deserves more.

  3. Those are sweet young toddlers, they don’t belong in a prison. I think a Video chat is good enough. Apollo doesn’t deserve this children.

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