Did Phaedra Parks Call the Feds on Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey?


The finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired Sunday night and Phaedra Parks was busy planning her Winter Wonderland party. Porsha Williams stopped by to alert Parks of breaking news that the FBI showed up at Kandi Burruss’ house to confiscate Apollo Nida’s motorcycle.

“Can you imagine what that must have felt, to have the feds come to your door?” Porsha asked Phaedra, who didn’t have much of a reaction at all.

“I know exactly how that feels,” she said.

Porsha continued, “I hope that [Kandi]’s not thinking that you called the feds on her.”

Phaedra didn’t have much of a response, because Porsha then asked her if Kandi had reached out to Parks after she visited Apollo. Phaedra said she hadn’t, in a tone telling Porsha she didn’t want to discuss the topic any further.

When it was time for Phaedra’s big party, the burning question came up of whether or not Phaedra had called the feds on Kandi and Cynthia. Bailey revealed the feds also came to her house.

“Do you think Phaedra may have made that call?” Kenya asked the ladies. Cynthia and Kandi had no idea the answer to Moore’s question and when they asked Parks about it she opted to “excuse” herself from the conversation.

Do you think Phaedra called the feds? Comment below.

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  • penny

    What did Cynthia and Peter have of Apollo’s?
    I don’t remember anything about that.
    It’s ignorant for anyone to keep any of Apollo’s things considering his charges. And conviction. How dumb are Kandi and Todd anyway?

    • SallySuze☕️

      Totally agree and I also haven’t heard anything about Cynthia and Peter.

      • duffs

        I totally agree, too! Kandi and Cynthia were silly enough to keep that clowns stuff then they can’t blame Phaedra whether she told the Feds or not. I’m sure if the Feds asked Phaedra she told them AND she was wise to do so or she would be right next to Apollo – locked up!

  • geminigirl

    I don’t think phaedra called. I think them boasting about their loyalty to apollo by hiding his things and making phaedra look like a monster, while on national tv, is what got them in hot water. I remember when the feds went. It wasn’t too long after the first episode premiered. Todd and Kandi are full of crap to begin with. You hiding someone’s assets from the government is a load of bs and seemed disloyal on kandi’s part to phaedra. They basically piggy backed off of phaedra for a storyline this whole season. Also, all the comments about how phaedra doesn’t let apollo talk to the kids was proven a lie as well. Sorry Kandi, you dug your own grave. And if phaedra called… I wouldn’t blame her.

    • chileilive

      Fully agree – it was shortly after it was brought up on the show. The feds could also easily have asked Phaedra about assets, and she wouldn’t, nor should she, lie. They could have also asked Bravo! You have a reputation as a lawyer (despite what people think, she’s never been disbarred or anything, so there is no reason to “Assume” she is a bad lawyer because you don’t like the people she’s represented…), and you definitely can’t skirt around the law if they come knocking. Kandi and Todd keeping his stuff is on them…knowing he owed money…made it a really poor move!

    • I don’t think she called.I think the Feds saw the first episode (somehow) where Todd and Peter both said they were storing things for Apollo and went and picked it up.Pheadra enjoyed hearing about it as we would all being in her shoes

  • Naynay

    They were hiding the assets for a criminal, why didn’t Todd tell Apollo that he’d take these things as payment and sell them and Todd gets his money, instead Todd would rather hound Phaedra, which I’ll never understand because Todd was at the strip clubs frequently with Apollo spending thousands of dollars why didn’t he ask Apollo for the money then?? I could care less how and why the feds showed up at their house

  • starr

    I doubt it was Phaedra who called & if she did, so what?! both Kandi & Todd have shown more allegiance to Apollo than to Phaedra from the start & Kandi was not any kind of friend to her so called close friend either in her time of need. She hits out with these little daggers to Phaedra all the time. I don’t care for either Kandi or Todd, both slimy & Kandi has many traits akin to her mother, I saw that a good while ago. That puts her in a zero position with me. It’s time they were held accountable for some of their wrong doings.

  • Aunt Bee

    And wasn’t it nice of that nasty green Grinch to bring it up at the party. And that boyfriend gives me the creeps in the reunion trailer I saw.

  • apple

    Totally believe Shady Phaedra would call the Feds and then pretend she didn’t…this woman lies when the truth would serve her better.

    • Tell It Like It Is

      Apple – You do realize that the Feds can read don’t you? It has been reported numerous times in the press that the Dirtbag hid some of his things at Kandi & Todds. Phaedra didn’t have to tell the Feds anything.

  • apple

    Yes. I do.
    And I still think Phaedra narced.
    Go figure.

    • Anonymous

      Apple, I also believe she did too. She a big old liar that is always lying on the show. I never trust a fake church person. She wakes up with hell inside her soul. Phaedra is hiding her evil ways behind God. How could her soul be save…………Please!