Phaedra Parks On Bomb Threat: I Felt Terrified and Hopeless

Phaedra Parks is speaking about what it was like being at the DNC during this week’s episode of the RHOA. Parks is also sharing how terrified she felt when she received the bomb threat call when she was out of state. Read what she had to say about the situation below. What was it like being at the DNC?
Phaedra Parks:
Being invited to participate and speak at the DNC was an honor and privilege. Politics has always been a second love of mine. I enjoy the energy of advocacy and being a part of processes which impact policy, communities, and ultimately lives and legacies. The energy was incredibly exhilarating! As I motivated and encouraged others, I was equally motivated, encouraged, and energized. What went through your mind when you got the call about the bomb threat?
When I received the call regarding the bomb threat, I was terrified and felt hopeless because I was so far from home. Everybody knows my first priority is not only to protect my children and family but also my employees. I immediately began to strategize how I could best do that from another state. I was thankful that my mother was with my sons and LaToya, my office manager, was calm and collected. How did the meeting with Apollo go?
Divorce discussions are never comfortable and this one was no exception. Although the bomb threat was looming, I did not want to cancel the visit so I met with him in hopes of resolving any unsettled issues.

Photo Credit: Bravo