Phaedra Parks Blames RHOA Producers For Reunion Allegations About Kandi Burruss

Phaedra Parks is pointing the finger at the producers after her morality clause violation during The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. As we previously reported, Parks was fired because of this.

“There are lines listed in all cast members’ contracts that they cannot cross,” a source told Page Six. “Libel is one of them. She’s in breach of contract and the cast basically said, ‘Us or her.’”

To summarize: Porsha Williams claimed that Parks told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, had wanted to drug Williams, and bring her back to their house for sex. The rumor was later proved to be totally false.

So Phaedra is claiming one the producers provided her with false information. “Phaedra tried to blame producers for manipulating the scenario, and it was cut from the reunion show. They’re not allowed to break the ‘fourth wall’ and talk about production. It may not have been entirely Phaedra’s fault, but she has to take the fall,” a insider said.

A Parks source said there was “a producer who told her the drug and rape story, which she repeated to another cast member. It snowballed. The editing was not kind to her.”

Do you believe the producer or Phaedra?

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11 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Blames RHOA Producers For Reunion Allegations About Kandi Burruss”

  1. i don’t believe this. “morality clause” please. this is reality tv half of this shit is made up.

    1. They have clauses in place against libel and slander to protect the network. That’s standard.

  2. It was allegedly Carlos King, who is notoriously messy, and as fate would have it for Phaedra, no longer the head honcho producer of this show as he’s already moved onto another project…and we know he’s not going to speak on anything having to do with how he runs/ran RHOA, so there’s that. Still, she should not have pursued the vengeful path that she did. That was a choice. She launched a three pronged attack with intent to destroy someone’s business, marriage, and character and did so without remorse.

    1. ITA with everything you said. I do have to laugh about the ‘morality clause’ though. I know that it is standard to include clauses to protect the network etc but really!!!
      Don’t they have clauses to cover the type of behaviour that causes nationwide disdain or hatred. It’s ok to allow a cast mate to pretend to have cancer twice. Once before he met up with this cast mate, who went along with this story but then claimed she never knew it wasn’t real. What about the charity that was set up but never delivered the funds raised. Is not fraud included in the ‘morality clause’ what about the cat fights that have happened on these shows? Is not assault included in the ‘morality clause’. These women throughout the franchises have made accusations and slandered the reputations of each other, they have attacked and slandered each other business relationships, illnesses and gossiped to outsiders knowing the gossip is false and when they are confronted say ‘ it was not me. It so and so who told me and I didn’t say it. None of these women are without blame, each and everyone have shown this behaviour and relished in the discomfort and mental anguish they’ve caused. Phaedra is s

  3. So Faketra does not seem to own up to anything. She appears to blame others and never takes accountability for her actions. She even tried to ake it seem like Porsha heard something different.

    Appollo–if your fame whore grlfriend is reading this–let her help you expose Faketra with her part in the scam you went to prison for

  4. Fakedra wanted everyone to rush to her side in sympathy and buy all her fake BS about what a victim she was when Apollo got arrested! You can’t live with someone and share a bank account and not know when there is funny money about! Fakedra tried to sue the “friend” who wrote the book about her being involved in criminal activities with and “lost”! So, she probably not only “knew” what was going on but was a willing participant as long as the coin rolled in! She will be watched by the Feds for a long time (did you see the fear on her face when Todd told her during the reunion that the Feds were watching)! I am POSITIVE that Fakedra “made a deal” with the Feds to “save herself” and sold out everyone she could! Dirty rotten Fakedra “bad girl, bad girl.. whatcha gonna do.. whatcha gonna do when they come got you”! She can run but she can’t hide! It took me a bit to realize she’s not as bright as she would have you think! Her grudge w Kandi/Todd began when they touched her coin w the failed workout video and when Kandi outed her on Mr Chocolate/Jamal Bryant “serial cheater meets serial cheater” fiasco! Fakedra was already seeing herself on the pathway to respectability as a pastors wife! Lol. Additionally.. if Porsha turns bisexual when under the influence..” frick and frack probably hooked up” on one of their “sleepovers”! You can also bet that Porsha’s sudden display of conscience in outing Fakedra/deciding to not be around her has more to do with embarrassment and fear of losing her RHOA coin than anything! I also don’t feel little Porschie was a “victim” but a willing participant in smearing Kandi until she realized the price she would have to pay for it!

  5. At this point, everyone is trying to cover the dung with dirt. If in fact, a producer told that lie to Phaedra, she should not have said it or even lie further that Kandi had said it to her & sold it to Porsha who was then only too happy to attack Kandi with one lie after another. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on all levels.
    I’m glad Phaedra is fired as all those low classed group are heartless & would make her life miserable as have been done to Vicki on RHOC.
    Phaedra did wrong, shame made her freeze up & expressionless as there was absolutely zero that she could’ve said in her defense at that point & she knew it.
    But to be disbarred because of Kandi-who’s done worse?! no sir!! .

  6. Morality clause my arse…there’s no morality in what those broads do in the show, and RHOA happens to be the trashiest of all

  7. Morality? The nastier they are – the more BRAVO loves them. That’s why each season gets worse and worse. The RHW want better salaries and more air time so – they put on what [they] thinks is a “better” show.

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