Phaedra Parks Addresses Claims She Started Kandi Lesbian Rumors

Viewers are still shocked after part three of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion when Porsha Williams revealed that Phaedra Parks was the person who originally told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had once wanted to drug her to take advantage of her. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Phaedra having to address the accusation.

But Parks has already spoken out about the incident in an interview. “It’s funny to think that I have any additional time to be caught up in gossip,” she told PEOPLE. “I have several jobs, as we know, and I have two small children. But I think everyone always has to blame someone.”

Phaedra went on to say that she’s “sure the footage speaks for itself.” She also said that she doesn’t go out of her way to talk about people on the show but, rather, just discusses what’s going on in her personal life. “Others can’t stop mentioning me,” Phaedra said. “Their whole family mentions me. They’re [sic] whole staff mentions me. It’s just endless mentioning of me!”

“People are constantly talking about, ‘Oh you’re not this.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow — it’s so many people with this Christian handbook that I have not received,’” Parks said. “So I’ve been praying that whoever owns the Christian dress code and has the handbook, they just send me a copy. Because I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where it lays out these strict guidelines about laughing and having fun and wearing bathing suits. Where did they get this dress code for being Christian? I thought it was about your hearts.”

But Phaedra said that those who really know her know the kind of person she truly is. “Sometimes, if people don’t have anything concrete, they just attack your character,” she explained. “But my character speaks for itself. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very gracious, I’m very helpful. And a lot of the things I do for people, you never see it on camera. Because that is not my intention to get praise for it. My intention is to be a vessel and be used for the purpose of empowering people.”

As for the person who those rumors were about, Kandi, she had quite the reaction to the truth coming out, which we’ll see more of in Part 4 of the RHOA reunion. “I was shocked, angry, disgusted… I could go on. Even with everything that had happened between me and Phaedra, I still didn’t think Phaedra would go so low as to tell someone that I wanted to drug them. Being an attorney, you would think she wouldn’t intentionally spread defamatory false statements about someone,” Kandi wrote in her latest blog on “The sad thing was that she didn’t even seem sorry for what she had done. I was thinking, ‘Damn, was there a reason to hate me this much?’ She already assisted Johnnie [Winston] in helping him to meet an attorney to sue me, and now I find out she was spreading accusations that I want to drug people and take them home! This is too much. I’m so glad the truth finally came out and I’m glad to be able to move on from this. Thank you to everyone who remained #TeamKandi, especially when others were believing the lies!”

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14 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Addresses Claims She Started Kandi Lesbian Rumors”

  1. So if Phaedra did not start those rumors, is she saying her BFF is a liar? Because one of them is (actually, both of them are, but one of them is the general and the other is just a follower). I was a Phaedra fan before this season because she always cracked me up with her shade. Her behavior this season was so beyond the pale dishonest and malicious that I sincerely hope she doesn’t return.

  2. Phaedra has no storyline, her divorce is done, the donkey booty video did not pan out, the job as undertaker, who knows, so she must stay relevant and the only way she found was to spread rumours about the other broad being a lezzie…as if being a lezzie was a bad thing.

  3. I have always liked Phaedra & will give her the benefit of the doubt as I truly do not trust Kandi, Todd or her mom as I feel they are too shady & not up-front.

    1. Ahhhh I have so many mixed feelings. I’ve loved Phaedra for so long but this is so icky. My mixed feelings come from the fact that I too cannot trust Kandi or Todd. It’s like Phaedra said, they talk all the time about what they heard on the street like it’s facts but as soon as someone else brings up what they heard it’s fake news. Kandi seems so angry to me for so many years now and it seems like she never has fun on these shows anymore. She’s just as shady as Phaedra imo (not saying that she deserved those rumors). I conclude that both of them should just move on.

      1. You voiced it perfectly, Jack. I never mentioned Kandi’s bitter anger before now, but you are so right, and you’re also so right again by stating both should just move on. It’s time.

        1. But Starr, when has Kandi ever shown bitter ager against someone unless it was in defensive mode when she was being attacked?

          1. Days, I just do not like Kandi, Todd, or Kandi’s mom. PERIOD. I think they are underhanded, low, nasty & deceitful & they tend to bring out the very worst in those they are around. Kandi is no saint. She sits back, laughs at others wrong slander toward Phaedra, but enjoys it as much as they do. She was more in allegiance to Apollo than to Phaedra & showed it & Phaedra was supposedly her bff for forever & a day. Forgive me that I cant stand her.
            She should learn to talk without her teeth closed as I can barely understand her. She attacks, she is heartless, (Nene in pain) has that silly pout on her face as if it’s sexy, but so irritating to me. Her short weight loss was just that–short weight loss. She is creepy crawly to me. She’s always itching her hair, take note, makes me feel to dump her head in shampoo & scrub it. Todd looks slimy & dirty all the time & joyce is just black hearted through & through.
            With each set of housewives shows, there’s at least one Kandi, if not two & I can never be sympathetic or on their side . That’s my opinion.
            Hope I have cleared up & answered your question & thanks for your listening ear.

      2. Jacccck! Noooooo! Why can you not trust Kandi or Todd? Wait, try to look at it like this for a second: it’s Kandi’s messy old Bitter Betty porch gossip mother JOYCE that talks about what she hears on the street. Kandi and Phaedra have been close for years (long before she came on this show), close enough where I don’t think Kandi assumes anything about Phaedra, she actually KNOWS where the bodies are buried.

        I’ve kept my Eagle Eye on this storyline since it began, and the way i see it is like this: Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage began to break down long before he left, and both were checked out and onto seeing other people, as evidenced by the pics of Apollo & Sherien and Phaedra’s texts to Mr. Chocolate, though I believe Phaedra when she says she and Chocolate were just “talkin”. “Talkin”, btw, is really old school slang in my community for the courting phase between men & women BEFORE you actually go on official “dates”. It consists of ridiculously long marathon conversations over a period of time, by phone, or in person, where you express clear and desired romantic intentions toward each other. At most you might hold hands when you meet, but it really is innocent in terms of physicality…however the intention is clear on both sides that there is interest to go further with a mutual aim: couplehood in some form. So Phaedra trying to explain away her situation with Chocolate as if she was completely devoted as a long suffering wife to apollo…nah. I KNOW what “talkin” means, and there is clear intention behind it. But anyhoo, enough about that. I’m just saying even though I’ve liked a lot of things about Phaedra, she lies constantly, is conflicted with a Whore/Madonna complex, and, if you read Angela Stanton’s book about her…she might also be a pretty savvy criminal mastermind…at least on paper. She’s a liar, but a horrible liar face to face- which is why I assume she’s a deal makin’ LIE-awyer vs. one who actually argues court cases.

        But yeah, the Nidas were over. In divorces, people usually take sides. My experience has been people usually side with the person that has the most power in the relationship breaking down. As evidenced by her comments at the time, Phaedra expected the Burruss-Tuckers to take HER side over Apollo. The Burruss-Tuckers, in my view, knowing and caring for the Nidas as a COUPLE, and knowing that both of them are full of shit, took a non-vote, “Our-name-is-Bennett-and-We-Ain-IN-IT” approach and supported both superficially without declaring alliance. I’m in a similar situation myself with with a couple close to us where my hubby is a bit closer, obviously more bonded with the husband cause, well, men…and I’m totally hands off because both because the husband AND the wife are a nightmare, and each one of them is always fishing for individual alliances in our group of married friends – I’m sick to death of both of them (even though I have love for them and would be distraught if anything bad ever happened to their family). But the truth is they’re both ass wipes. Loving, prayerful, gallant and generous asswipes, but still… Anyhoo, Phaedra, in typical Scorpio fashion, was furious at T-andi’s refusal to declare loyalty to her alone, and this is when she started taking pot shots at them publicly. I was very disappointed to see her do that, because even though people explain things away on this show as “shade”, it really was simply her being hurt & lashing out, but also petty and self-centered, because after all, where was SHE while Kandi was struggling through her IVF treatments and troublesome pregnancy and trying to deal with her OWN crazy family? This was happening while Phaedra was going though her issues with Apollo… but nooooooo, it had to be all about Phaedra and how Kandi was not there for HER. Then she attacks the girl and her husband by perpetuating rumors he’s a kept man (um…he started his career producing for Oprah and was already on season 2 producing a show with his own company when she did that, so that was just ugly). Add that to the sudden alliance with Porsha, Porsha then becoming Phaedra’s mouthpiece to parrot the Bad Todd/ Bad Kandi rhetoric, then aligning herself with Nene (who until recently HATED Kandi)…let’s call a thing a thing, Phaedra has been a bitch. The constant punishments she extended to those folks via seed planting on camera, urban blogs (where they took a real beating) did NOT warrant the crime.

        …and we’re not even going to deep sea dive into the date-raping/date drugging allegations which she started. With people who are as active in the business world as Todd and Kandi, from tv & music projects to lifestyle (hospitality & children), in a post-Bill the Pill Cosby world and in this peculiar racial climate we’re in in America, these are allegations you don’t mess around with, period.

        Beyond that, totally unrelated, do you have Netflix? Since you work with young people I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to check out “The Get Down”? It’s so off the chain!

        1. Let me try and go back and explain all my Kandi feelings (tbh you’re literally the only person I know that even watches this show other than my mom so I LOVE that we can go all in depth like this).

          I definitely support Kandi in this argument, but I think she’s still a little shady. I agree with most of what you said. There is a lot of true, genuine hurt going on with these women and it’s really sad to watch. Phaedra has been extremely selfish on her side of the friendship. That being said, I think where Kandi gets in trouble is that she does this thing where she doesn’t really stand up to her loved ones when they’re out of line (i.e. Mama Joyce, Todd, Don Juan). Kandi is around them when they say a lot of hurtful things about Phaedra and in a way she kind of co-signs them by laughing in the background and half-heartedly telling them to knock it off. There’s just this really toxic back and forth going on. Now, Phaedra has really upped the anti with this doozy and I think she will probably live the rest of her days regretting this considering the real possibility that she’s been let go.

          I think where my feelings with Kandi come in is more with Porsha and Nene. I think she was, Porsha calls it bullying, I just call it being a mean girl with the whole therapy thing. I understand there’s a difference between ACTUALLY putting your hands on someone and saying you’re going to do it, but Kandi has (multiple times) threatened and has even has had to be restrained. But then she jumps on this Porsha hate bandwagon (before the awful rumors) which was just really mean to me. And she continued to act hatefully toward her before any of the absurd rumors came out to play. I think there is some truth in Porsha’s statements about Kandi having trouble celebrating other women. Which brings me to my next point.

          Now, I’m not a Nene fan, never have been never will be. Mama Big Bird drives me up the bloopin’ wall. BUT i was SOOOO off-put when Nene had one of her first real moments on the show in a while and Kandi sat there with a scowl on her face and just could not bring herself to support this woman who was clearly in a lot of pain. I know they have a past, I know there was hurt there but come on the woman was in shambles and she couldn’t even get an “it’ll be alright” from Kandi. Having said ALL that, I just don’t like Kandi. I don’t like Todd. I don’t like that she’s always got this squad of nasty bitches around her that spew catty shit 24/7 and #gangganggang on ANYONE Kandi doesn’t like. So when it comes down to this whole Phaedra vs Kandi thing, I am a little apathetic. I think what Phaedra (and Porsha, she’s not squeaky clean in ANY of this) is sickening and Kandi deserved -29% of all that she was dragged through this season. I don’t want to, nor am I trying to justify any of what those two women did. I just don’t like Kandi.

          1. Now honestly, while I fall on Kandi’s side in the feud, I do agree with a niiiice chunk of this! But I stand by the two out of three times we’ve seen her rage out on the show. The only time I think it was unjustified was the Pajama Game Party, and that appeared to come out of miscommunication. However I will say that I don’t believe Kandi has issue celebrating other women at all. I have seen women take digs at her not knowing the full depths of her accomplishments rather than the other way around. A lot of her business moves are women-centric and she is known for running around knee-deep in a pack of go-getter females who are nearly if not as equally accomplished as she is. I think Kandi ‘s real issue is that she’s pissed with Porsha because she feels betrayal (again, the hurt feelings thing with these girls!).

            Just consider this: when Koredell dumped Porsha, divorced her and left her without a dime, then sent the U-Haul Man to her mama’s house to dump all her belongings right at the doorstep, she was a laughing stock in Atlanta (cruel but true). She was publicly humiliated, didn’t have a secure future on the show, and nothing to fall back on outside of maybe taking that 1st Bravo check & going back to doing her day care business (and we know Bravo was not really interested in that for a follow-up season). She was a step away from being forced back to “civilian” life. It was Kandi who stepped in and gave the girl a job, put her onstage when she had marginal talent, cut her some checks to sustain herself since Kordell wasn’t handing over a DIME, finessed some channels so Porsha could get a single recored and released and continue to eat. Jump forward to mere 2 years later to witness Porsha jump on the Nene bandwagon and start badmouthing her, then betray her completely by acting as Phaedra’s attack dog. Granted, I agree that the Kandi Coated Crew are also mouthpieces for her, but outside of Todd & Kandi coming together, when have the Kandi Koated Knights come for anyone, unless it was a offensive play to a direct attack on the Kandi Coated empire. So yes we’re split on some parts, but in agreement about others (nods head)…

            …but what I REALLY wanna know is, have you seen the trailers for Baz Luhrman’s “THE GET DOWN”, lol???? I think you could really fall in LOVE with this series!

            1. I got so wrapped up I forgot to watch the trailer yesterday! But I just wanted it and yes, I’ll put that series on my list! It looks really good.

              1. I promise you, Jack, it’s EVERYTHING. Between the colors, the music, the archival footage of 70s New York (they rely on a lot of that to put you inside the characters’ heads). Nearly every episode will force three reactions out of you: heart palpitations, something like being on the verge of tears, or an uncontrollable urge to dance your A** off!

                I’m just starting “Part 2” of the season and not to give anything away but, I think somewhere down the line they’re going to touch on the origins/roots of homophobia in hip hop. The way character arcs are going, they HAVE to….omg this music form started out sooooo pure and so much from the heart everybody was just TOGETHER and well, getting DOWN. Have fun with it and let me know after you’ve seen a bit of it. First couple episodes are long (and I think even on YT), but hang in there! I was a 70s Afro-puff wearing baby who came of age when this music really got going in the 80s, so if you see anything that strikes you or interests about that time period, lemme know! Omg, the memories… dumb question, but do people still actually dance TOGETHER when they’re on the dance floor these days?


  4. Fakedra is such a liar!! She has zero character and her reputation precedes her.. not someone I would EVER call friend! She has no female friends and it’s apparent why! I think she was the fraud mastermind w Apollo and he kept her from going to jail for the sake of his children! She’s as slithery as a snake and just pretends to be something she is not.. respectable and a Christian! Disgusting little troll!

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