Phaedra Parks Addresses Claims She Started Kandi Lesbian Rumors

Viewers are still shocked after part three of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion when Porsha Williams revealed that Phaedra Parks was the person who originally told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had once wanted to drug her to take advantage of her. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Phaedra having to address the accusation.

But Parks has already spoken out about the incident in an interview. “It’s funny to think that I have any additional time to be caught up in gossip,” she told PEOPLE. “I have several jobs, as we know, and I have two small children. But I think everyone always has to blame someone.”

Phaedra went on to say that she’s “sure the footage speaks for itself.” She also said that she doesn’t go out of her way to talk about people on the show but, rather, just discusses what’s going on in her personal life. “Others can’t stop mentioning me,” Phaedra said. “Their whole family mentions me. They’re [sic] whole staff mentions me. It’s just endless mentioning of me!”

“People are constantly talking about, ‘Oh you’re not this.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow — it’s so many people with this Christian handbook that I have not received,’” Parks said. “So I’ve been praying that whoever owns the Christian dress code and has the handbook, they just send me a copy. Because I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where it lays out these strict guidelines about laughing and having fun and wearing bathing suits. Where did they get this dress code for being Christian? I thought it was about your hearts.”

But Phaedra said that those who really know her know the kind of person she truly is. “Sometimes, if people don’t have anything concrete, they just attack your character,” she explained. “But my character speaks for itself. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very gracious, I’m very helpful. And a lot of the things I do for people, you never see it on camera. Because that is not my intention to get praise for it. My intention is to be a vessel and be used for the purpose of empowering people.”

As for the person who those rumors were about, Kandi, she had quite the reaction to the truth coming out, which we’ll see more of in Part 4 of the RHOA reunion. “I was shocked, angry, disgusted… I could go on. Even with everything that had happened between me and Phaedra, I still didn’t think Phaedra would go so low as to tell someone that I wanted to drug them. Being an attorney, you would think she wouldn’t intentionally spread defamatory false statements about someone,” Kandi wrote in her latest blog on “The sad thing was that she didn’t even seem sorry for what she had done. I was thinking, ‘Damn, was there a reason to hate me this much?’ She already assisted Johnnie [Winston] in helping him to meet an attorney to sue me, and now I find out she was spreading accusations that I want to drug people and take them home! This is too much. I’m so glad the truth finally came out and I’m glad to be able to move on from this. Thank you to everyone who remained #TeamKandi, especially when others were believing the lies!”

Photo Credit: Bravo