Phaedra Parks Accused Of “Thwarting” Justice And Making “A Mockery” Of The Legal System


Apollo Nida will be surrendering himself to serve his sentence of 8 years in prison any day now, and while he has previously admitted his jail sentence has caused “issues” in marriage, court documents reveal what else has troubled the RHOA couple’s marriage and accuse Phaedra Parks of “thwarting” justice and making “a mockery” of the legal system.

Parks made the claims in a recent deposition for her defamation case against Angela Stanton, an acquaintance who wrote a book about her, Lies of a Real Housewife.

Court docs reveal when asked if Nida could have ever met Stanton, Phaedra said, “I mean, she’s a stripper. She was a stripper. And you know, my husband obviously has been one to frequent strip clubs.”

Parks was also asked if her husband has one testicle, a claim Stanton made in her book. Phaedra responded, “The last time I saw it, he had two.”

Phaedra declined to speak about her husband’s case, but she continued to be antagonistic during her deposition.

When she was asked whether her “husband recently pled guilty to a number of federal financial crimes,” Parks said, “I will not be discussing my husband.”

When the attorney’s deposing Parks asked if she had attended burial services for one of Stanton’s family members, Parks said, “I’m intrigued by funerals. Yes, I do like them.”

After dodging her deposition and refusing to answer questions, Phaedra has been accused of “thwarting” justice and making “a mockery” of the legal system.

“Parks frequently refused to answer questions and discuss topics that have the strongest relevance to the instant case,” court documents claim, “thus thwarting truth-finding function of the discovery process and impeding ‘the progress of this case and possible rulings’… Namely, she refused to answer any questions regarding her relationship with and knowledge of the criminal activities of her husband, Apollo Nida, a man with numerous and recent convictions and financial crimes.”

“This is a line of questioning that is very clearly and very obviously relevant to the ultimate question in this case,” the documents continue, “i.e. Whether a reasonable person could believe that Parks herself was involved in the sort of criminal activities described in Stanton’s book.”

“Questions regarding Parks’ knowledge of, benefit from, and participation in her husband’s criminal schemes are very obviously relevant to the issue in this case …” the documents insist. “This is particularly true given that the schemes described by Stanton in her book (insurance fraud, forgery, VIN fraud) closely resemble the financial crimes for which Mr. Nida has been convicted. Yet throughout her deposition, Parks refused outright to answer any questions regarding her husband or her knowledge of her husband’s involvement in criminal schemes.”

“This refusal to answer questions is the latest instance of Parks’ abusive and bad faith conduct in this litigation. She filed a frivolous lawsuit against Defendant Stanton, used her wealth to stifle the publication of Stanton’s truthful narrative, and then refused the basic obligation of every litigant to fully participate in the discovery process. Parks apparently believes she is above the law, even in her own lawsuit. She must be compelled to fully cooperate in her deposition, and her conduct must be sanctioned,” the documents state.

On August 7th, Stanton filed a motion to compel Parks to “fully participate in the discovery process by resubmitting to deposition, and by fully answering questions that are reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence regarding… her relationship with Apollo Nida and the extent of her knowledge, benefit from, ad/or participation in his criminal activity.”

Photo Credit: Bravo