Phaedra Explains The Butt Dial! Says NeNe Started Drama!

Phaedra Parks is taking to her Bravo Blog after the infamous butt dial on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to explain what really happened. She writes that NeNe created drama that was unnecessary, she wasn’t being malicious towards Cynthia in the voicemail, and that she values their friendship very much. Read what else Phaedra said below!

Phaedra writes, “During this week’s episode NeNe creates drama, like only NeNe can. She compares her relationship with Kim to my relationship with Cynthia. This is interesting, because there is no comparison. However, in true NeNe style, a recipe of drama was brewing using rushed judgment as the main ingredient. I have known Cynthia for two years, and we have always managed to get along and support each other in our various endeavors. And everybody knows that NeNe and Kim had a love-hate relationship, which ended on a sour note.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, NeNe brings to Cynthia’s attention a conversation via supposed butt dial regarding Cynthia attending my son Ayden’s birthday party. The conversation occurred during the stressful time of organizing the event and was so trivial that I didn’t even remember it. In the sound bite of the conversation I basically said I didn’t care if Cynthia attended Ayden’s birthday party after repeatedly being badgered about the guest list. I never said anything malicious or derogatory about Cynthia, and it was not my intention to insinuate that she is insignificant. The point of my comment was to communicate that Cynthia’s attendance to Ayden’s second birthday party was not essential, as Cynthia is my peer, not Ayden’s. Ayden’s celebration was not about MY friends, but about his enjoyment with HIS family and friends. Once again, it’s always sad when people choose to create drama when there truly is none. While I have already apologized to Cynthia for any misunderstandings, real and assumed, I still stand by my statement that I did not care whether or not she attended Ayden’s party. If it were my party, I would have felt different, but Ayden is my son and he was the star and main focus of the party. Hopefully, Cynthia has accepted my apology, as I do value our relationship.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo