Peter Thomas Sued For Defrauding Club Investor


After six years of being with Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas, who is currently separated from Bailey, is in some serious legal trouble, reports claim.

According to North Carolina Superior Court documents, Atlanta-based investor Tony G. Taylor claims club owner Thomas, made false statements in order to coax him into investing $150,000 into new Charlotte hot spot Club One.

Thomas allegedly lied when he claimed he had personally invested up to $3 million into the nightclub, and had set up filming opportunities with RHOA and a possible Bravo spinoff titled What’s Peter Doing Now.

Thomas also was accused of promising Taylor a 15% ownership in the club.

“The aforementioned alleged representations by made by Thomas…were reasonably calculated to deceive the Plaintiff,” the September 8 complaint filing, obtained by RadarOnline, states.

Taylor sued Peter for counts of fraudulent inducement, unjust enrichment, constructive fraud and obtaining property by false pretense. He is seeking compensatory damages of more than $10,000, in addition to punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

Thomas has not responded to the allegations in court.

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13 Replies to “Peter Thomas Sued For Defrauding Club Investor”

  1. I don’t care about Peter Thomas. Anyone who does business with him and gives him money, especially without hiring a good contract lawyer, is crazy IMO. Why would anyone invest in Peter Thomas.
    Cynthia made a big mistake with him, blindly in love for sure, and I do hope that she can move on and find someone who respects her and loves her for who she is and not want to take her money. She is a beautiful woman and a good mother from what I have seen, and she deserves happiness.
    Peter did not appreciate what he had with Cynthia, and all he did was use her. I hate to say I agreed with Cynthia’s mom about not wanting the marriage, though they did not have to do what they did to prevent it. It had to play out, and Cynthia had to find out what she married in the end, sadly.

    1. Truer words were never spoken Real Sandy. Peter Thomas has always been shady and never given anyone a reason to feel that he wasn’t. I do feel sorry for Cynthia. She doesn’t seem like the type of person who would condone such behavior. Maybe I am uninformed about her, don’t know. I am not a big fan of RHOA, but in the few that I have seen where she and Peter were in them, she seems to be okay, but Peter is a different story. He never seemed to talk to her about anything, just dove head first in things that he wanted to do, forget everyone else. Too bad that Cynthia is probably involved in this because they are still married. When will these women learn to get informed and stay informed, especially when it affects their financial welfare???!!!???

      1. Thanks Texussgal. I don’t watch Atlanta any more. It became too irritating. I never liked Peter either. He always seemed shady.

  2. Poor Tony – he must be alittle behind on the news – EVERYONE knows Peter’s rep for not paying what he owes – he NEVER pays his bills – especially if he gets the opportunity to avoid them – as for this “split” – is this going to be – YET AGAIN – Cynthia and Peter’s usual ploy – exaggerate marital issues just so they’ll have a storyline for the upcoming season? I’m so sick of both of them!!! Boring!!!! If they would just be real – like reality is suppose to be – they wouldn’t have to make up problems or create a storyline – they could feed off the truth just about their marriage and have drama for many seasons to come!!!! Be real – talk about that cheating husband that won’t pay his bills – mention how Cynthia is following in the old man’s foot steps by not paying her bills too!!! Talk about how both use other people – the real truth offers them many options – I bet it is really hard to avoid the truth when you have as many problems as these two people do together – that relationship is nothing but toxic – always was and always will be!!!!!

  3. How could Cynthia not see this guy was not marriage material?!! I could tell by looking at his shifting eyes on the tv! It never ceases to amaze me how truly blind love can be. smh

  4. Never liked Peter and not surprised at all about the latest allegations. What’s Peter Up to Now? A series? Heheheheheh now THAT’S funny!

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