Peter Thomas Reveals Return to RHOA Season 9


Cynthia Bailey’s estranged husband Peter Thomas has confirmed that the couple will return for season nine of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In a video posted on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go,” Thomas confirmed that he would be appearing, alongside his estranged wife, for another season of the show.

Watch the video below.

Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go.

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19 Replies to “Peter Thomas Reveals Return to RHOA Season 9”

  1. Didn’t Peter say the show ruined his marriage? Why be on then? Oh that’s right he needs the money and enjoys the fame. Still waiting for his peach.

  2. You know Bravo’s motto, if your marriage is on the rocks, or failing, let’s get a good storyline out of it and pretend that we are doing it to make things better. Geez, I guess I am quite Bravo cynical today.

      1. It’s sad Southern Plaid but I will give a kudos to Bravo for putting out more behind the scene specials breaking down the fourth wall. I like those documentaries so let’s see how they do tonight with reviewing OC season 8.

  3. So True Freedom Girl, they like to exploit! But even though they know they’re being exploited, they don’t seem to care.

    1. True Vanonna, Fame might be up there with greed, as the root of all I give anyone credit that leaves the show rather than to be exploited…just can’t think of anyone right now….maybe Kristen from RHNY?

  4. Boring!! Only way I’d like to see him back is to see him suffer when he sees Cynthia out on a date with a good man! Peter’s been shady from day one! Hope Cynthia kicks him to the curb forever!

  5. Let me guess….he’ll come out and start transitioning….his new name will be LaShonda, Tameka, or Kadija

  6. Does Bravo not realize that none of us care or wish to see this loser any more? Cynthia is moving on from him. Bravo needs to follow suit.

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