Peter Thomas Reveals BarOne Went Into Foreclosure


Real Househusband of Atlanta Peter Thomas is the latest Bravo star to be involved in legal drama. His landlord claimed he was behind $100,000 on his rent for his business, BarOne. Thomas slammed the report, saying it was all a “misunderstanding,” but now, he’s offering an explanation. Thomas says he has always been up-to-date with his payments on the rent for BarOne, but his landlords are the ones who owe money.

Thomas’ Bar One “is in foreclosure court right now,” Thomas told “For the fact that these two guys, who are my landlords … didn’t pay the rent that I was paying them every month for over a year. They was upside down on the property but I wasn’t aware of that until I got the letter from the bank saying not to give them money any more.”

“Shortly after that,” he claims, “it went into foreclosure.” Peter reveals the property will soon be on the market. “I’m partnering up with a group of people to purchase it,” he said.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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