Peter Thomas Responds To Cheating Allegations


On last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks hinted that Peter Thomas was cheating on his wife Cynthia Bailey. Now, Thomas is responding to their claims, revealing he has absolutely nothing to hide in his marriage.

”The sh*** these women makeup to deflect WTF is happening in their lives is funny as hell,” Peter tweeted as the episode was airing. ”My marriage is solid. Can’t say the same for them.”

But Cynthia wasn’t at all shocked by what she heard. “At this point I am never surprised to see these two ladies gossiping and speaking negatively about me,” she wrote in her blog. “Lately I seem to be their favorite topic of conversation.”

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13 Replies to “Peter Thomas Responds To Cheating Allegations”

  1. Perhaps that is because you are spreading so much crap and talking about things that have nothing that matter to you. mind your own business. I liked you better when you were nice.

  2. Cynthia & Peter, 2 very rotten eggs. Cynthia has acted horribly with Phaedra, no excuses on that one—it was with intention to inflict pain. As for Peter? he is a gossipy distasteful man. What goes around, will hit them both hard–in time.

  3. If Peter the Sponge is smart he better not cheat on the Bank of Cynthia. What I don’t understand is how a beautiful woman like Cynthia can be so stupid about a man like this ahole. I too liked her better when she was nice.

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