Peter Thomas Opening New Bar, Lands Spin-Off Show


Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Peter Thomas has hinted that he would like to land a reality show based around the bar he owns. But the investors Peter rents BarOne from are in foreclosure, so Thomas announced he has is building a new spot and filming it!

“This is what I do, I design this amazing space,looking for applicant for all position, this will also be a TV show call BUILDING BAR ONE,” he wrote.


Thomas also revealed the new location will be called SportsOne and will be located in Charlotte. Peter also announced that they are hiring, writing, “There will be a reality show shot out of this location so put your best foot forward….”

No word if Bravo will be the network to film the spin-off show. We will keep you updated.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


7 Replies to “Peter Thomas Opening New Bar, Lands Spin-Off Show”

  1. I doubt it will be on Bravo, Building Bar One doesn’t sound like an interesting show unless it’s on a D.I.Y. show or something.

  2. Hopefully Cynthia continues on rhoa. She is truly a good person. Please don’t let the queen of mean continue to run the show. Cynthia is not boring…she’s genuine and a sincerely great role model.

  3. This man has always given me the willies. There’s something about him that is sneaky. Cynthia seems afraid of him IMO.

  4. Nobody wants to watch Peter ratchet, conniving, self on a reality show. You can hardly stand him on RHOA, with the way he treats his wife and spends her money without her knowledge. How many bars have he bankrupted? Now we know why he suddenly was a Kordell Stewart fan in the last few episodes. Kordell is said to be his partner in this bar. How low can they both go. Peter is Scum, I would not watch or support anything he does. This is more than likely why Cynthia did not support Porsha over Kenya. Don’t want to make Mr. Money Bags Kordell mad.

    1. rb18…Correction; Cynthia answered that by saying “Kenya was the one who was attacked” and no one went to check on her! The Nene “mindset” must be squashed for our daughters. Just not cool or righteous or role-model material. That is the nicest I can be
      about Nene.

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