Peter Thomas Lands Bar One Spin-Off Show?


Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, is hoping to launch his own spin-off show on Bravo, RadarOnline reports. Source say Thomas was inspired by Lisa Vanderpump’s show and is looking to amp up the drama at his Atlanta lounge, Bar One. “He has started shooting the spin-off, but it hasn’t actually been picked up,” the source reveals.

Eyewitnesses reveal that Thomas, along with the other RHOA men, including Todd Tuckerand Gregg Leakes, were spotted filming the potential spin-off several weeks ago. “They had all the windows blocked off because it was daytime and the shoot was supposed to be at night,” the witness says.

Peter, who is never shy when it comes to drama on RHOA, recently tweeted that he believes the show is successful because of the men. “The fact is that now that the men on the show have a voice, one million people is [sic] watching the show than last year, that equal $$$,” he tweeted.

Would you watch Peter’s show?

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Peter Thomas Lands Bar One Spin-Off Show?”

  1. Yes! I would watch the show and Caribbean education is European standard not like the low class American education.

  2. As it is, I turn the sound off when Peter turn up on RHOA. The guy thinks he all that and a bag of chips when, in fact, he’s just an empty bag of wind who’s always intruding ind the housewives business. Perhaps he should focus on running his business and making it profitable for a change before he brings cameras in. Yuck!

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