Peter Thomas Dating Love & Hip Hop Star Sina Bina

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Peter Thomas revealed to Andy Cohen that he’s dating a woman he likes “a whole lot.” Although Peter didn’t share his girl’s identity, a new photo has surfaced online that gives his lady’s identity away.

Love & Hip Hop guest star Sina Bina, 29, recently posted a very, very suspicious selfie featuring Thomas, 55, posing with a kiss face

Thomas also allegedly posted the photo to his Instagram, but deleted it soon after.

Like the RHOA star, Bina also has a famous ex. The L&HH guest shares twin daughters with rapper Yung Joc.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • barbara

    Never heard of her or her ex. But I’m sure she has money!

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      Not all all, LOL. The poor thing is yet another sad, single ATL woman with questionable self-esteem ,feuding over a has-been hip hop personality for drink tickets and club hosting opportunities from appearing on VH1.

      • barbara

        You do have a way with words. LOL

  • Jay

    he makes my skin crawl. go away already.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Fresh meat….more power to him

  • Starr

    Oh my gosh, Cynthia has always deserved better. He betrayed her in marriage as that is his low character & it certainly hasnt taken him long to have another swinging on his arm. Never liked that man. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, Cynthia still loves him & why, I just cant fathom.

  • missroxmiss

    he came from nothing and Cynthia feel for his bs hook line and sinker thank God she woke up and dumped the guy he I am sure made out very well when she divorced him he has his bar bet she paid for it,all his business deals before were failures when she opened her modeling agency you can bet she is doing well

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      I know of Cynthia and Peter’s work seperately and loooooong before they became TV fixtures, and while I bow down to Mother Cheekbones and her status as an Old School model legend, I wouldn’t say Peter came from nothing. He had an illustrious reputation and track record before he landed in Atlanta, beginning in the music industry. I understand his forays into the restaurant business haven’t been successful (except for the last one, and to a degree that should be expected.) But in all fairness, it is a fact that 90% of restaurants fail, generally in the first 5 years. So given that he keeps trying, I actually admire that a bit because it’s a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality that’s part pf the American Way. You gotta have heart, and you gotta have drive to get up and keep trying even after you fall on your face. Most people are talkers, not doers, and tend to compare where they don’t even compete. So I give him props for even getting in the game to keep trying to improve upon himself. Now the fact that he chose to branch off into restaurants in the first place? That’s an entirely different discussion. It’s so risky a business, I don’t see why anyone would chance it unless it was turn key with VERY experienced partners behind you that already have a solid track record. But meh. It is what it is…and no I don’t believe that he’s with Grandmaw Gums.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    For those who don’t know, poor Cina has the misfortunate nickname in the blogs as being Grandmaw Gums, bless her heart. Anyhoo, I don’t see anything here that points to evidence of a romantic relationship, he’s just giving her a shout-out as all these folks in ATL tend to do to increase likes and visibility on social media. Besides, Cina is already busy chasing a fake storyline of feuding with other women over the father of her children on Love & hip Hop Atlanta, lol.