Peter Thomas Caught Getting Cozy With Another Women In The Club


Peter Thomas was accused of cheating on his wife Cynthia Bailey during this past season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and now Thomas has been busted getting too friendly with a mystery woman at a club.

The Shade Room caught the video of Thomas on Instagram where it looks like he had just pulled back from kissing the woman and he has his hands on her neck while the camera pans past them.

… After the video was posted, Peter made an apology video for his wife and children claiming he is not a cheater and the woman is just a friend.

#PressPlay: Yesterday we posted a video of #PeterThomas in the club on some woman! Well here’s his excuse !

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Photo Credit: Bravo


19 Replies to “Peter Thomas Caught Getting Cozy With Another Women In The Club”

    1. What a GREAT LIAR he is. He lies so well from his acting. LOL, I am not surprised at all, but he will always be a liar. She should of listened to her friends that she is not friends with anymore because he is a B—-. She should not act like she is better than.

  1. Oh please…. I don’t get these Atlanta chicks letting their husbands go to strip clubs and then be surprised that they are cheating on them. I mean, what’s up with that??

    Either you have an open marriage and you don’t give a crap if he is with someone else or not, or both of you decide to be in a relationship where heading to strip clubs is just not an option for a married couple …. seriously, Peter is yuck, and afte 4 years of watching his sorry hustling ass I STILL can not think of a single reason why Cynthia is with him, except his massive Jamaican schlong (perhaps!?)

    Seriously, just walk away girl… walk away and buy yourself a vibrator.

  2. Why would this surprise anyone? Any wife that puts up with a husband regularly going to strip clubs is either so controlled and scared of their husband she can’t think for herself or she is happy he is getting his “needs” taken care of by another woman. The way Peter runs through her money I lean towards believing that he is controlling and she is scared of him.

  3. Yeah, he’s running his hand down her cleavage. Like we DIDN’T see this coming?! Please. He’s such a girl anyway.

  4. Meh- I wouldn’t doubt if this is Oeter and Cynthia’s PLANNED plot to try and remain relevent on RHOA- the need the Bravo ca$h to keep financing Peter’s failed businesses.

  5. Cynthia and Peter deserve each other. As much stuff as Cynthia talked about Todd being an opportunist her husband is the biggest one of all and then talking about Apollo and Phaedra’s marriage. She should be taking care of her own.

  6. What a dog! When Cynthia had fibroids he told her he would get his own place because he needed sex and she couldn’t meet his needs for the pain, she gives him her money, he’s always in strip clubs, what did she expect..a thank you, no he cheats on her, did you see the kiss and his hand on her chest? Wake up Cynthia! Toss the girl, Petra, to the curb, you don’t need a controlling cheater Peter in your life

        1. Thanks Beth, What a dirty rat he is. He is with her only for what money he can get from her, the ugly louse.

  7. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Obviously the housewives knew of his cheating ways as it was brought up last season. He’s not only an outright liar, he is a cheat too. What does Cynthia see in this awful man? She must be delusional. After what she did to Phaedra, she got what was coming to her–what goes around, comes around.

  8. Peter is a pig and Cynthia needs to kick his ass to the curb before he leaves her totally broke with an STD.

  9. Con man has conned Cynthia big time. Sweet talker, knowing all the right things to say. Run for your life, Cynthia.

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