Peter Thomas Calls Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant, SUR, Ghetto!

Peter Thomas

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Peter Thomas was recently on a trip in Los Angeles and decided to stop at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR. It seems Peter witnessed an arrest while dining at SUR and took to Twitter to slam the lounge, calling it, “ghetto.” Read Peter’s tweets below! Lisa who got wind of Peter’s rant, was less than pleased and told him “chill.”

Peter started his rant by tweeting, “@LisaVanderpump I’m at #sur right now and it’s ghetto. Two sheriffs just walked in to arrest a white woman.”



Lisa seemingly annoyed by Peter’s rant, responded saying she was taking care of the matter!


Photo Credit: Bravo

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Peter, your GHETTO! Neither you or your business, past or present can hold a candle to anything associated with Ken or Lisa. They are the classiest couple on Reality TV. You and your up NeNe’s butt wife, could learn a lot from them. Your not even on the same planet. To criticize their place of business as ghetto on the bases of one unfortunate experience and tweet it for all to see is despicable! You did it to embarrass them and let the world know where you were. Believe me when I say that neither you or your wife or… Read more »

Ghetto? He would know!

The previous comments are just stupid. Re-read his tweets. He is saying drama can
Happen anywhere and believe me drama happens In from Beverly Hills to Mo Hill.

Not only is Peter out of line calling SUR ghetto, but he is also a reverse racist. Calling out a “white woman”. The implications would be astounding had the roles been reversed. hypocrite

Peter, who cares what your opinion is of Sur? Sounds like u are jealous Lisa’s bar got a spin off, and you got nothing. Well, u do have butt licker Cynthia who’s so busy licking Nene’s butt….maybe that’s why u are doing the tweeting, Nene couldn’t join the Ca show instead of At when she ‘arrived’ in Hollywood.

He was probably pissed cuz they made him pay for this meal. LOL

@moxie … There is no such thing as reverse racist. And the implications of people saying a black guy as just arrested would be NOTHING, because it happens all the time

The bottom line: Is he telling the truth?……………YES, so deal with it.

HUH?! First Peter tweets that Sur is “classy & all that” and then he says it’s “ghetto”…you can’t be both, so which is it Peter?! Quit hating on white people. Sorry no one in Atlanta goes to your little club Bar 1…that’s what happens when you refuse to pay for a/c. Talk about ghetto!

some of yall are dumb. read the tweet from the bottoe to the top, idioits! and he said it was a classey place and even there two chicks are fighting. those chicks have no class. and whats funny is its probably Lisa’s stuff at SUR. lol

It is refreshing to me that white ppl can fight without shooting.each other. All are racist on RHOA get a clue!!

I notice ‘Vanderpump’ Rules seems racist. They (Lisa) showed the Black girl Tina, yet NEVER allows her to speak and Stassi everywhere isn’t interesting. Tina sang great -once, yet we ANNOYINGLY channel flip when Sheana who said doesn’t want to be a singer ‘nyeaa’s’ her nasally ear-kill. Tina spoke to Lisa once, yet it looked like Lisa was short with her to cut off her camera time. Lisa is only seen with minorities who clean her house, and again no Blacks speak on V. Rules. Can a busser get a line? I’m disturbed by this and THINK MINORITIES SHOULD SUPPORT… Read more »

Very true Lisa and Ken are pretty racist I know them too well.Lisa nor Ken won’t employed any Black people in their establishments here in LA or in London.And the Latinos in her establishments are very much near White skin.As far as Tina she did not want to give her any speaking parts that’s the real reason she left the show or actually Lisa written her off by not renewing her contract