Peter Thomas’ Bar One Slapped With Eviction Notice


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas has been plagued with more financial struggles as a new report reveals Thomas has been slapped with an eviction notice and a demand to cough up $1869 for back rent and fines on his relocated Atlanta restaurant, Bar One.

Documents obtained by RadarOnline state that the owner of the premises is demanding Thomas pay $1,500 for June rent, $250 in late fees and another $119 to cover the court filing fee.

Photo Credit: Bravo


14 Replies to “Peter Thomas’ Bar One Slapped With Eviction Notice”

  1. If true and not sure because it comes from Radar of lies, stupid Cynthia for putting up with this idiot! I’m sorry I must be ratchet this morning, I can’t seem to find a story yet that makes me smile! 😀

  2. Can’t stand Peter. He’s a drama king and tries to act like he does no wrong while he puts down everyone else. Karma is a bi*ch.

  3. Look at him!!! Does anyone else other than me think this guy is on drugs??? His eyes are often glassy, and I think he has a problem. It’s so sad that Cynthia puts up with him.

    1. Good catch, Janice. Next the story will be his heart breaking fight with Rx drugs, and why Cynthia stays with him to “help him with his fight.” He buys cars and leases businesses without even telling her and she makes excuses for him. Atlanta is just boring, especially her. They talk over each other and never do anything fun. I try to watch sometimes, and it’s just more of the same. And if they really are bringing what’s her name on, it will be a season of arguing.

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