Penny Drossos Talks Teaching Special Needs Children, Reveals She Is Close Friends With Jennifer Dalton


Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis has been quite the firecracker on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in a new article in Skinny News Magazine, she reveals more interesting details about who she is. Penny has been in the beauty industry for over twenty years and has styled celebrities such as Regis Phibin and Steven Seagal. But what people might not know about her is that she taught special needs children at the SBJC prior to opening her salon, La Chateau Allure. Penny’s husband, John, was accused of tweeting about the Laurita’s autistic son, Nicholas. He was accused of saying the family was using Nicholas’ autism as a storyline for the show, a confrontation we saw between Penny and Jacqueline at the opening of POSCHE 2.

As for her experience on reality TV? Penny says, “you can’t take everything at face value.” And if she were to return to season 6 of RHONJ, she says she would, “come prepared and put less trust in women.”

In another interesting turn of events, Penny reveals she is now good friends with Jennifer Dalton. When asked about her current relationships with her cast mates, she says, “I hang out with Jennifer Dalton. She is a very sweet and honest person.” Jennifer is friends with Teresa Giudice but enemies with Kim D, as previews show a fight between Kim and Jennifer to air in the lost footage episode. Could Penny’s new friendship with Jennifer say a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes? You decide.


Photo Credit: Bravo/Will Love