Penny Drossos Reveals Behind The Scenes Details Of RHONJ Confrontation With Melissa Gorga


Penny Drossos Karagiorgis is opening up about her recent appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Penny shared her blog exclusively with Faux Reality Entertainment, and she is opening up about what really went down at the Milania Hair Care Launch Party. Penny reveals her attendance at the event was mandatory, she explains how well she really knows Teresa Giudice and how much of the conversation between her and Melissa Gorga was edited out.

Penny writes, “This past Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey showcased the Milania Hair Care Launch Party held on February 18, 2013.

I was invited to the event by Teresa Giudice when Jan and I met Teresa, Kim D and Jennifer Dalton for drinks weeks earlier. My attendance was confirmed by production who advised that I was invited “on camera” and my attendance was mandatory.

Production was aware that I had been disappointed (and disillusioned) during the December filming of Posche Holiday party and as a result  I had refused to attend Kim D’s Jewelry party and the Sushi Lounge dinner. As I indicated earlier, I will not be humiliated or used by anyone.  After a sit down with Production, I agreed to attend future events (including girls’ night at Bellisimo, Milania Launch Party and additional specified events).

At the time of the Launch event, I was in the process of renovating and opening my new salon, so I did not carry any hair care products.  I was told that I would be attending the Launch event to discuss topics regarding Melissa Gorga raised at previous events.

I was required to provide Production with the names of all those who would be attending with me well in advance.  I attended the Launch event with my friends Will Love, Paula Henna Queen, Mario Petris & his girlfriend Clara. I have known Mario for over 20 years and he is well acquainted with Melissa Gorga.

When we arrived to the event, Me and my friends were escorted to the side until Jan finished filming. I was then ushered over to film with Teresa and Melissa.

The friend / acquaintance issue with Teresa was raised at the December Posche Holiday party. Let me set the record straight: the word “friend” is used to define a wide range of relationships. To me, a friend is someone who you contact on a regular basis, while an acquaintance is a casual relationship. I consider Teresa an “acquaintance”  because even though we know each other, I don’t speak to her on a regular basis. My husband and I have had multiple telephone and text conversations with Teresa.  When Teresa commented that she simply sees me at events, I added “at events that I am invited to attend.” I didn’t want to leave the impression that I show up randomly for events; I am invited or mandated to attend.

My discussion with Melissa was enlightening. When Melissa proclaimed that she didn’t know me, I proceeded to list in detail how absurd her statement was. She backed off her position that she didn’t know me. Melissa’s backpeddling was edited out. I was asked what I knew of Melissa’s extramarital activities and I answered the questions that were posed to me – I wasn’t going to lie for anyone. As far as who asked me to provide the information, I was not permitted to answer the question at the time – Melissa Gorga was fully aware of the restriction, so her insistence that I provide the information was strictly to make Teresa look guilty. It is unfortunate that the entire exchange wasn’t aired.

Let me set the record straight regarding Mario Petris: he and his girlfriend attended the event with me, they were both on the guest list. Mario shares several mutual friends with Melissa, including Mike Chic and George Flex. The one and only exchange that Mario had with any cast member was to hand Joe Gorga his business card and tell him “If you want to know the truth about your wife, call me.” Joe Gorga said nothing. At no time did Mario tell anyone that “he hurts people.”  So once again it appears that Production is hard at work spinning actual events into fiction.”

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7 Replies to “Penny Drossos Reveals Behind The Scenes Details Of RHONJ Confrontation With Melissa Gorga”

  1. So basically what she is saying is that this “reality” is STAGED. And no one can MANDATE me to appear where I don’t want to be. You are all a bunch of fame whores.

  2. Wow it sounds like Joe Gorga knows all about wifey. Seems like Melissa has a lot of splaing to do.
    What a bitch to keep after Penny to tell her who told her knowing the restrictions.
    After this Joe should stop bad mouthing his sister to the camera.
    He should kiss Theresa’s ass and kick the wifes.

  3. I don’t think there’s much doubt that production pushed this. The question is who originally stirred this up and for that we have the recorded word of that Angelo guy when he said Teresa and Kim put him up to it.

  4. Wondering about a lot of posters at Faux. Very tense vibe over there. Why?????????? This Penny chick makes no sense. She answers to Bravo’s “mandated” direction, and then she’s free to discuss how fake the show is??? What’s up with that????????

  5. This entire scene was so obviously fake and staged. Tired of all this family drama. Would much rather watch them being crazy and having fun.

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