Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Speaks Out About RHONJ!

Penny D

With all the OTHER rumors about the cast of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis’ name has been thrown in the mix too. Penny is the owner of La Chateau Allure Salon, which is where the drama really started on Season 4 of RHONJ right before the Posche Fashion Show. This is where Teresa met the infamous Angelo Vrohidis, Melissa Gorga’s alleged former boss at Lookers. Penny is finally speaking out in an interview with TVFishBowl about her knowledge of Melissa Gorga’s past and her involvement in Season 5 of RHONJ!

Check out Penny’s interview below, click the link to read the full interview!

TVFB: In what capacity do you know Melissa?

PDK: Melissa used to come to my salon for years. We’ve attended children’s birthday parties, we have acquaintances and friends in common, we’ve been to many of the same functions.

Why deny that you know me? It’s kind of funny if you don’t know me why are you attacking me on Twitter? I don’t get intimidated, come at me. You know where I work, you know where I am. Don’t be phony, don’t act like you don’t know what’s going on. Come talk me, don’t go through my friends.

Don’t have your attorney Tweet insulting things, my attorney’s on call, not on Twitter! Twitter attack me all you want, to me it’s comical that you can only attack me via computer. Why does it mean that much to you to attack me on Twitter? To me it shows you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re not as successful as you’re claiming. To all my detractors, If you have something to say to me come and find me, let’s work it out face to face.

I don’t run, I’m RIGHT here. You’re more than welcome to come and talk to me.

Click here to read Penny’s FULL interview!

For another GREAT interview with Penny, click HERE to listen to @WillLoveInc‘s radio interview with her!



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4 Replies to “Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Speaks Out About RHONJ!”

  1. Hope BRAVO editing allows Penny to bring Melissa dows several notches – the “saint” edit this fame whore has gotten (along with Caroline and Jax) is unbearable to watch another Season!

  2. You all need a real “reality” check. Especially all the supposed “Penny fans”. Your gonna be in for a real treat when you hear the real truth about her and JohnnytheGrk. If she gets on, be prepared cause there are A LOT of NASTY skeletons in her closet and her husbands. They are a joke and the black sheep of his family – ask around the Greek Community and anyone can tell you that. His relatives DO NOT want to be associated with him. Johnny always wanted to be famous, his wife knowing of Melissa was their ticket! Who knew, takes trash to know trash. They barely have a pot to piss in, real housewife? WHAT A JOKE!

    Be prepared, because people in glass houses should NEVER throw stones – just sayin’.

  3. Penny is nasty evil women whom is sooo fame hungry. She will fit right on in with the Housewives since this show always needs a vilian and Theresa may be going away for sometime.

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