Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Says RHONJ Episodes Can Be Deceiving!


Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis is writing her first blog after appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Penny was having drinks with Teresa, Kim D and Jan DeDolce, when Jan revealed Melissa Gorga had cheated on Joe. Penny shares her first blog, exclusively, with Faux Reality Entertainment and she isn’t holding back! She explains how she knows Melissa and reveals that what airs on Bravo isn’t exactly the way things happened! Click here to read Penny’s entire blog entry.

Penny writes, “I met Kim D years ago while shopping at her store. We became friends instantly and she in turn started coming to my hair salon. Soon after, Kim D hired me to style the models for her shows. That is how I met the ladies from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Before I ever heard of Kim D or Teresa Giudice, before I ever heard of Bravo TV or The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I was friends with Jan – a friendship we maintain to this day.  I also knew Melissa Marco (now Gorga). Melissa and I shared mutual friends –  friendships I continue to maintain.  Melissa frequented the salon I eventually bought.  She came into the  salon regularly and even had her bridal party styled by my girlfriends and staff. I was puzzled when Melissa claimed she never met me. Then again, Melissa seems to deny knowing a lot of people from her past. Just wait and see who else she denies knowing.

But I digress. . .

I have styled TV personalities since 1992 so I felt comfortable with the ladies from the Real Housewives, the Mobwives and Jerseylicious. When an opportunity presented itself to film on Real Housewives of New Jersey to advance my business, I took it – who wouldn’t want free advertising for their business? Right?

All I can say is hindsight is 20/20.

It is unfortunate that some must say and do things that they should never be asked to do “to put food on the table.” Fortunately, feeding my children is not tied to selling my soul to a TV show. There is a huge disconnect from the truth, what is filmed and the edited version of the show.

During Season 5 filming, I was “invited” by producers AND the person hosting each event I attended. By invited I mean asked / told to attend the event, either verbally, in writing or both.

Even though I was present during the events, the edited versions that have been aired to date are deceiving (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

For instance, drinks with Teresa, Kim D, Jennifer Dalton, Jan and me at Bellissimo’s:  I was told to bring my friend Jan to the filming to discuss Melissa Gorga (a continuation of the discussion started at Kim D’s holiday party), not Milania Hair Care Products.  Filming lasted close to 4 hours.  The edited version does not accurately reflect the theme of the conversations.  Teresa did leave the table when she became uncomfortable with the conversation.

There is so much more but I will wait to see what is shown to give you behind the scenes look at the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I cannot stress enough that what you are being shown is not necessarily reality or even what was filmed  – so pay close attention and ask questions!”

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