Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Reveals More Of Bravo’s Editing Secrets, Says The Gorgas Had Several Opportunities To Confront Her


Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis is taking to her Blog via Faux Reality Entertainment to set the record straight and reveal more of Bravo’s manipulation with editing. Penny reveals she had met with Joe and Melissa Gorga (airing in next week’s episode) prior to Joe’s temper explosion where he threw the glass in Arizona. Penny shares they left the meeting on amicable terms and the Gorgas had several opportunities to confront her and never did.

Penny writes, “This past Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey was a continuation of the “therapeutic trip to Miraval” that started on March 16, 2013. Unfortunately, it seems to have ended with an implosion.

There are bound to be flare ups when you mix a hot headed buffoon and his manipulative wife with an amateur therapist with a hidden agenda. Caroline Manzo is a master at using others to fight her self proclaimed enemies. She found the perfect little soldiers in Joe and Melissa Gorga since the Gorgas revel in blaming Teresa for every wrong ever done to anyone from the beginning of time.

If last night’s flare up seemed disjointed, it’s because once again the events leading up to the discussion were left on the editing floor.

On February 18, 2013 I attended the Milania Launch Party where Melissa and I discussed the cheating issues. Joe never said a word to me. Mario Petris told Joe that if he wanted to know about his wife, Joe should call Mario.  Joe never said a word to him.

On February 28, 2013  I met Joe and Melissa at Chakra in Paramus to discuss the cheating issues at their request. We talked for hours. They tried to shut down any discussion about Melissa’s cheating and tried to focus on who asked me to reveal the cheating. I refused their demands to implicate Teresa. We ended the dinner by agreeing to disagree but on relatively good terms.

After my meeting with Joe and Melissa at Chakra, Joe and Rich Wakile showed up at my husband’s business to “talk man to man”. They tried to entice my husband into “giving me more air time in future seasons by filming with their wives” if I agreed to their demands. Thanks but no thanks. As I said before I was already soured by the experience and it was only getting worse. I would not and will not sell my soul for anything or anyone.

While the drama with Melissa’s cheating issues was unfolding there was another scandal that was rearing it’s head and it was directed at Caroline Manzo. Without getting into specifics, Caroline incorrectly linked the issue to me instead of those who were really responsible.

So with all these backdoor dealings I wasn’t surprised when Caroline, with the assistance of the Gorgas and editing, twisted the discussion into blaming Teresa by somehow claiming Teresa was pulling my strings. No one pulls my strings.

I still don’t understand what Teresa was being blamed for doing – not confronting me? Here’s the irony of that statement – Joe and Melissa were given far more opportunities to “confront me” and never got what they wanted (me to turn on Teresa). What more was Teresa supposed to do? How was Teresa supposed to stop Production from mandating that I attend events or speak the truth?

As far as the discussion at the Milania event being staged, that’s bologna. I never spoke to Teresa between our January 31, 2013 night out at Belissimo and the February 18, 2013 Milania Launch party. The only thing that seemed staged was the way Caroline (1) cranked up Joe to blame Teresa (2) started up a discussion where Caroline and her husband could call me names and (3) set a series of events in place that led to my husband being assaulted by that animal. As Caroline was soon to learn unlike her I don’t need anyone to be my mouthpiece.

I don’t understand why RHONJ has resorted to using tweets out of context to substantiate an unrelated story line that Production wants to address.

Next time Joe Gorga uses one of my tweets from a year ago (10/17/12), he should look at the discussion that prompted the tweet; tell his manipulative wife to stop with her flame throwing blogs; and tell his wife’s sisters to stop naming me. My tweet was in reply to Melissa and her sister. See the details of the tweet. Joe needs to take off the blinders and get it straight because the only person who doesn’t want to admit what his wife is, is Joe Gorga.

I don’t want to speculate on what was shown on the preview for next week other than to say:

  • Neither my husband or I have ever made a negative comment about Laurita’s child. We believe God gives special children to special parents. The only tweet that I have seen regarding Jacqueline Laurita’s son came from a disgusting twitter account that Melissa Gorga and her sister encouraged.
  • When I was asked who invited me to the Milania Launch party, I responded “your sister.” I was told that Joe and Melissa were calling me a stalker even though they knew that Production was controlling my appearances.

Give it a rest, it’s getting old.”

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12 Replies to “Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis Reveals More Of Bravo’s Editing Secrets, Says The Gorgas Had Several Opportunities To Confront Her”

  1. This beast of a woman seemed to be starting a rumor about a marriage she had no first-hand knowledge of, and no dog in that fight to try to destroy the marriage of a pair of strangers. It was an ugly thing to do, and if she had any character at all she’d be revealing whose lapdog she is.

    1. Sounds like all of you Penny hater’s are on the Marco sisters payroll. Coming on here with your bullying rants just makes us wonder why you care. Melissa is going down soon no matter what you say.

  2. Oh Please! Penny is nothing but a “GHETTO BITCH”!
    Really Penny is this all you got?
    Go back under the rock you crawled out of.
    No one cares about your opinion anyway.
    You are one mean miserable old broad!
    Are you from the Projects where all the tough mouth girls come from?
    Are you from a broken home?
    Do you have a “nice” bone in your body?
    Why are you so hell bent on taking Melissa down?
    Bravo does NOT want you, you won’t be asked, ever!
    Go away! Volunteer at a Nursing home or something. Doing this will teach you kindness, tolerance and patience. And maybe they will even feed you and you’ll eat. Maybe you’re so miserable because you starve yourself because you think skinny is good or something. Anorexia? Eating disorder? Who knows with you. Get some help, there’s hope for everyone! The world is full of people who care. You just gotta shut your mouth and listen for once.

    1. I am wondering what her motives are myself. Could it possibly be she just wanted to be on TV and would say whatever Bravo asked of her? This is sad. These people have small children. If (and I STRESS IF because I am assuming it is not true) Melissa cheated on Joe, its no one’s business but theirs.

  3. Well let’s start with the pic…Dolly Parton called & wants her wig back & the Goodwill called & want their dress back. I thought I’d seen classless people on the show in the past, then here comes bigmouth…trying-to-stay-relevant Dimebag Penny with her SPIN. Who are you anyway? Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say & nobody cares about you vomitting production editing tidbits. Go back to your doublewide…I hear the WWE is looking for a new team & you 2 would make the perfect pair. What a joke.

  4. Penny is a piece of trash that wants deperately to be a HW and so does her fat, bald, old lady husband. Last year they came on strong on twitter saying they were great friends with the Guidices and said as soon as the show ended they would spill all. The season ended and nothing happened. They tracked down Melissa’s ex-boyfriend and the fat bald man would obssesively tweet him everday, and the guy “bulldog” had never met him. This is bulldog, the guy who Penny said she knew first hand of the details of the cheating, yet she didn’t know him afterall.

    Now that bulldog will not cooperate with her husband, they went on the hunt for another ex-boyfriend Anthony Arater or something along those lines. This guy has been in jail and has mugshots all over google. Well this guy is apparently desperate for money and is looking with the help of Penny and Fat Baldy to sell a “story”. He flew to NJ from where he lives in Florida to meet Big Bird and Fatty Baldy and to scheme more cheating stories.

    Those greeks are embarassing and it kills me that Teresa’s fans don’t see right through them. I dislike Melissa wholeheartedly but this BS is making her look like a victim and Teresa again will be blamed for everything. Disgusting!

  5. im sorry i may not like penny either but ill say one thing. i dont believe this all is a fabricated story just to get in the limelight. i do believe there is some truth to some of the things. i can even recall that melissa said she never knew who “love Majewski”( from MOBWIVES) was and love dismissed this saying melissa used to always try and hang around her and that she knew this sammy the bulldog man and blah. i just think some of the stuff is true and makes me secoond think evveryone on that show because we have seen about 3 seasons bash teresa and im think hmmm like the rest of these wives cant be squeky clean

    1. I agree Deonn, I don’t think Penny’s lying or out for attention. If anything, she seems like an almost unwilling participant who just wants to offer up her side of the story as a defender of what’s right. She’s not under contract, so she is coming in with nothing but her side of the story. The constant bashing by Carolyn and Jaclyn (spelling? whatever) was appalling and soul crushing. Somewhere in the middle, off to the side, lies the truth.

      1. Obviously it’s true, or, a publicity stunt on Melissa part. No one would go on National TV and slander someones character like this. It’s true! I still think Penny is trouble.

  6. Penny, certain words ring true. Your words do ring true to many, many viewers, counting me. I’ve never responded to a show as much as this one because it is glaringly obvious that something is very wrong and very off here. Whoever brought the Gorgas onto this show did so with malintent towards their money maker, Teresa. Melissa’s got an army (a small army but an army nonetheless) of people that want to be on the RHNJ at any cost or want to remain on the show. These people may be capable of good but they are essentially sleazeballs.
    You are becoming a voice of reason and for that reason, the over emotional and angry people who have insulted you and your family don’t like you. Who else would be angry except Melissa’s crazed few family members, oh maybe a few misguided others. Just because you’re not loud or obnoxious like the Gorg-ons, doesn’t make it any less true. Keep your chin up, despite the negative comments, 99% of the viewers know what’s up.

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