Peggy Tanous

Season 6

“Soccer moms drive Mini vans…but this girl…drives a Bentley.”

Sign: Aries

Peggy Tanous /ˈtænoʊs/, is a former model and stay-at-home mom. Peggy is a close friend to Alexis, but as the season plays out, the relationship hits a rocky patch. Peggy jumps into the middle of a friendship with Tamra, because they are both involved with younger men, and Vicki because Peggy believes strongly in astrology and Vicki is an Aries, which is the same as Peggy.

During the season, Peggy gets breast implant replacement surgery because it’s healthier and as she says, she wants to look “damn good in a bathing suit!”. Peggy also reinvigorates her former modeling/hosting career, but there is more to Peggy than just good looks as she opens up about an emotional secret.