Peggy Tanous’ Bankruptcy! Is She Getting Divorced?


Peggy Tanous appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange county in Season 6, and according to Celebuzz, Peggy has filed for bankruptcy. According to court documents, Peggy filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this March. Peggy’s liabilities are listed at $2.16 million, consisting mostly of home loans and property taxes.

She also reportedly owes over $70,000 in credit card claims and $10,000 for a book contract. The same year Peggy left the show, she filed a lawsuit against three banks whom she claimed were trying to bring her home into foreclosure despite the family having made payments.

Peggy’s husband, Micah, is a Internet-marketing entrepreneur, and the couple has two daughters. The couple is still together, despite reports they had filed for divorce.

There was confusion with documents when Peggy was filling out her marital status. On March 7, Peggy listed her marital status as “divorced,” but in amended documents from April 11, she claimed to be “single.” And on May 21, Peggy told a Twitter fan that “being married is great!”

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