Peggy Sulahian’s Brother Claims She is Homophobic

New RHOC star Peggy Sulahian is being accused of being “extremely homophobic“ in a new report.

According to RadarOnline, she has turned her back on her own brother, Pol’ Atteu, and his fiancé, Patrik Simpson, simply for being gay.

In a shocking move, Sulahian even attempted to ban Atteu and Simpson from their father’s funeral last year, the insider said.

“Peggy did not even tell her brother that their father was dying, and he did not know until he was already dead. She did not want him coming to see him at the hospital because he is gay and it literally broke her brother’s heart,” a source close to Sulahian alleged. “When Peggy and Pol’s father died, Peggy called him and Patrik and told them not to come to the funeral. She said that her and her family do not want ‘his kind’ there, and that if they did come, they would be kicked out.”

The source said Atteu and Simpson arrived to the memorial anyway, and Sulahian’s husband Diko tried to remove them.

The insider claims that this is just part of Peggy’s family war. “Peggy does not accept gays or the gay lifestyle and told her own brother that he and Patrik are not welcome around her kids,” the source continued. Her whole family image is an act.”

“The real sad part about all of this is that Peggy’s mother and father both accepted their son as being gay. She is the one who turned her back on him, and she is terrified that people will find out. The whole situation is just so heartbreaking.”

Radar reached out to Atteu, a well-known celebrity fashion designer and owner of Pol’ Atteu Haute Couture in Beverly Hills, and his life-long partner Simpson, who told the site: “Unfortunately it is all true. She is extremely homophobic and, yes, it is heartbreaking.”

Does this news about Peggy surprise you?

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31 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian’s Brother Claims She is Homophobic”

      1. Kurt – Trust me when I say that nobody cares is you stop watching. I stopped watching RHNJ after they brought back that lying, thieving jailbird Teresa Giudice and her bratty disrespectful daughters and look what happened…. Absolutly nothing!! Two seasons later and they are still filming

  1. I don’t think this is true..sounds like hard feelings about other issues in the part of her brother! He’s trying to wound her. Remember she has had health issues she’s had to deal with and I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Sometimes the drama/negativity from other family members has to be put aside in order to keep positive. Give her a chance!Remember she is a Persian princess..many cultural differences! I like her.. she’s refreshing and different!

    1. She hasn’t attacked anyone, bragged about pecking order, or lied about anyone’s husband like like Camille did. Camille was an unpleasant donkey her first season on the show. Peggy’s flashy, which of course may be an irritant for some Bravo viewers because seems more suitable for a show on E! Entertainment, but she has shown malice to no one on the show.

      1. to further clarify my comment about Camille. I was talking about how during her first episode she acted very pretentgious on the show on her lifestyle and everyone hated her for it. I see it in Peggy too during her fisrt episode with the diamond gifts and the cars. I absolutely love Camille much, much better than season 1 and she came back and owned it and validated her true self. I dont see this with happening Peggy perhaps cultural differences and language with be difficult for her to cut RHBH. Any no Peggy has’t attacked anyone yet

  2. I need to either see some form of evidence, or hear her own views straight from the horses mouth before I take the word of third-hand gossip.

  3. wow. if this is true I am sure Andy Cohen will be furious! he’s an executive producer of the franchise. I am sure he has a lot of power to kick her off the show. I hope this is not true. I was starting to admire peggy and her family values.

    1. It saddens me when some people’s idea of ‘family values’ includes discrimination against others . A few decades ago , these family values including discrimination against black people. Now we have a new version of that , against gay people

      Hate is not a family value

  4. This is a lot of hearsay. If the parents had accepted the son’s lifestyle then why wouldn’t he already be up to speed on his father’s health and impending death? Something’s not right…There’s definitely more to this story than what is carelessly presented in this article. And for the record, we need to remember that tolerance goes both ways. You cannot require me to be tolerant/accepting of your lifestyle while dismissing my beliefs. I think the word ‘homophobic’ is as much overused and misapplied as ‘racist’ is. Tolerance doesn’t mean only accepting the views or beliefs of people who share yours, it also means being tolerant of those people whose views or beliefs or different from yours. As long as you are doing no harm, not discriminating or in any way violating a person’s civil liberties or rights, then respect each other’s right to disagree.

  5. Sounds to me like her brother is trying to get a free ride on the RHOC fame train she is on right now.
    It is her business if she is homophobic, she has a her right to her own personal and spiritual beliefs. I haven’t read anywhere that she has seen been burning the gay pride flag or walking in any marches against homosexuality.
    Just because the homosexuals have been allowed to shove their lifestyle choice in our faces does not mean that any of us have to accept or endorse it. Bravo to her if this story is true!!!

    1. Wtf are you talking about ??? Who’s shoving what in your face you dumb ho?? Does the fact that gay people want to be treated like fuckkng human beings , equate to ‘shoving their lifestyle ‘ ??? What about dumb hicks with their confederate flag dumb shit? Are you ok with that ??

      You need to go watch another network than Bravo ! Instead , go try find Bigfoot or something

      1. I agree with you Rain. No one should be hiding in this day and age just for being who he or she is. That narrow prejudicial view of others for race, religion, sexual preference, gender, disability, or any other reason is unacceptable. It is not abnormal to be whomever you are. Those who think otherwisw should imagine being born differently. It is not a choice to be who you were born to be. It is human nature.

        1. Thanks Sandy ! I just don’t understand how living your life is ‘shoving ‘ anything !!! It’s simply prejudicial, just like when the argument against gay marriage was that ‘gay people wanted special treatment ‘ !!! LOLOL

          What special treatment???? You can get married at a DRIVE THROUGH in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator but suddenly gay marriage is special treatment or it’s against ‘family values ‘ !’ Gimme a break

          1. You said it!

            It hurts that there is still so much intolerance and hatred for others based on prejudice.

            I am always educating myself about everything and everyone. I read books and watch documentaries and keep my mind open.

            I have read more about transsexuals in recent years, learning more and more too. I want to understand.

            1. Kudos Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! We are all monitories !!! I mean now I’m an older woman who may be bordering on disability .. so glad we have laws to protect the elderly and the disabled! Eveybody deserves their rights protected

              1. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Yes, everyone deserves that right.
                As a nurse, I have always seen mankind as one and the same and treated everyone the same.
                However, sadly, some of my colleagues over the years did not and even said to me, “You make us look bad,” because of my care and attention to every patient.

  6. It’s Peggy’s decision, and we still have rights to our own feelings! Sorry, but it’s fine with me. Everyone have their own feelings. It don’t bother me either way!!! But I do think this is a fake story on her!

    1. I agree! Her brother sounds like a creep that he would put his sister up to ridicule from the entire world. Possibly even in danger. Very nasty. Maybe that is why she doesnt like him?Cause hes a jerk.

    1. Actually no! She has no right to mistreat him at their fathers funerals
      So ok, she can be a homophobic cow but then she should be ready to deal with the consequences of that .
      Actions have consequences !

  7. Even Kyle’s husband’s mom confirmed this in a lengthy facebook post.
    Stella knew her father and was in the funeral and apparently she saw them removing him and his fiance from the services..

  8. I’m glad I haven’t started back with this show this season. She needs to eat some makeup so that maybe she will be pretty on the inside.

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