Peggy Sulahian’s Brother Claims She is Homophobic

New RHOC star Peggy Sulahian is being accused of being “extremely homophobic“ in a new report.

According to RadarOnline, she has turned her back on her own brother, Pol’ Atteu, and his fiancé, Patrik Simpson, simply for being gay.

In a shocking move, Sulahian even attempted to ban Atteu and Simpson from their father’s funeral last year, the insider said.

“Peggy did not even tell her brother that their father was dying, and he did not know until he was already dead. She did not want him coming to see him at the hospital because he is gay and it literally broke her brother’s heart,” a source close to Sulahian alleged. “When Peggy and Pol’s father died, Peggy called him and Patrik and told them not to come to the funeral. She said that her and her family do not want ‘his kind’ there, and that if they did come, they would be kicked out.”

The source said Atteu and Simpson arrived to the memorial anyway, and Sulahian’s husband Diko tried to remove them.

The insider claims that this is just part of Peggy’s family war. “Peggy does not accept gays or the gay lifestyle and told her own brother that he and Patrik are not welcome around her kids,” the source continued. Her whole family image is an act.”

“The real sad part about all of this is that Peggy’s mother and father both accepted their son as being gay. She is the one who turned her back on him, and she is terrified that people will find out. The whole situation is just so heartbreaking.”

Radar reached out to Atteu, a well-known celebrity fashion designer and owner of Pol’ Atteu Haute Couture in Beverly Hills, and his life-long partner Simpson, who told the site: “Unfortunately it is all true. She is extremely homophobic and, yes, it is heartbreaking.”

Does this news about Peggy surprise you?

Photo Credit: Bravo