Peggy Sulahian Wishes Shannon Beador Didn’t Complain During Iceland Trip

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her blog to dish on the RHOC cast trip to Iceland. Peggy says that she wishes Shannon Beador would have enjoyed the scenery and not complained so much during their hike and shares that she has never been so scared as when the ambulance arrived for Vicki.

“Our trip to Iceland began with a long plane ride. We were greeted with cold weather and in anticipation of Orange County girls being unprepared for the obvious, Lydia planned a shopping trip to head off any problems. Girls and shopping is a classic combination which can bring out the best in every situation. As such, Vicki and Tamra started to reconnect. You could see they had a bond. They understood each other and hopefully, things will get better.

We finally arrived at Hotel Ranga — not been the five star accommodations we might have imagined, but it was still very luxurious. Our suites were decorated differently and each room was detailed with the country of origin’s specifications. The low table in Tamra’s room is where I saw she and Vicki connect again and I think something is brewing. My room was very comfortable, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet it offered.

That evening, Fridrik offered us Black Death (a specialty drink), fermented shark, and puffin. All I can say is that after I tasted the Black Death, I thought it would be better if I passed on the rest. Thank you to Fridrik for introducing us to these delicacies.

The following day, we explored a black sand beach on ATVs. Wow! It was stunning. The waves on the beach were glistening, and I don’t understand why the ladies weren’t enjoying the scenery. It felt as though everyone was a little bored and wanted to get back. I felt bad because I am certain Lydia spent time planning these outings. But that evening when she was inadvertently left out of the group text, I believe she was hurt. Why wouldn’t she feel sad? She planned this trip, and she should have been informed if people were not going to be joining us. I would understand if I was left out, but the one who invited us should be kept in the loop. Though Lydia’s feelings were hurt, Vicki was definitely taking on the role of big sister and counseling her to apologize for her behavior. Vicki stated that it is important that people can learn from her mistakes.

When we arrived at the glacier for our hike, we were greeted by Olaf, Soffia, and the 18 tons of equipment we had to strap on. Safety first! It was complicated gear. Throughout the hike, I kept hearing Shannon complain, not about anything in particular, just complain. We were in the middle of nowhere, it was stunningly beautiful. The views were breathtaking, and it was like we were on top of the world. Why are you still talking? Just be quiet and enjoy! I was so happy that I went on that trip. I missed my family, but I don’t think I would have experienced any of it if it weren’t for Lydia and Nobleman!

Finally, after a long day with so much activity, we headed off to our rooms to rest and get ready for dinner. Vicki told me she wasn’t feeling well. When I arrived, she was vomiting, had pain in her arm, and was sweating. It couldn’t be good. I was worried, scared and uncertain about what was happening. Thank goodness the police arrived and announced that the ambulance was on its way. I have never been so scared in my life.”

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40 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Wishes Shannon Beador Didn’t Complain During Iceland Trip”

  1. Of course [she] was complaining – that is all she does – and doesn’t know how to be quiet. And the tone of her voice is soooo grating…ugh

        1. I do too! The first season I just thought she was nuts lol But she’s funny. Peggy and Lydia were clearly baiting her from day one and still are. Hmmm wonder who they got their background from on Shannon? I call BS on the fact that Peggy knew nothing about their marriage problems and cheating either. Vicki filled her in I am sure

          1. Thank you! I’m glad someone else gets her. And I agree that Vicki filled in Peggy on all the history. She’s a snake who needs to eat a big ole humble pie.

                1. It’s probably something like

                  Vicki ,crying because she’s so misunderstood and desperately needs a casserole

                  Lydia , being hypocritical and talking way too much about hubby’s balls

                  Kelly , well she’s just drunk

                  Meghan , the best mom ever even if she can’t stand to be around her baby

                  Peggy , just doesn’t understand

                  Tamra , working out and bitching about Vicki

                  Shannon , driving herself crazy trying to hang onto a pos who doesn’t give a f

                  1. Just got to luv the ladies of the OC, right? I know women with class and wealth would never be caught dead on that show, so we’re stuck with what we’ve got!

                    1. I absolutely love Shannon and her crazy ass, as far as the other “ladies ” I know some straight up classless trash that would be too good for this horror show

  2. Tell me, when does Shannon not gripe & complain? That poor basket case is the proverbial nag. I feel sorry for her, but it has to be difficult to be in her company.

  3. The scene where they have drinks was a shit show, they behaved like Valley girls who should have never left the OC and whose diet is restricted to Starbucks and Olive Garden. These women give a bad name to Americans in general, expecting that every place on earth is a copy of their local mall, They have no signs of basic education nor basic manners. Pretending to be about vomiting is childish and downright rude,

    I bet they just found out Iceland is an island surrounded by salty water

  4. Just look at Peggy’s face when she’s in any scene. She does have RBF. She looks miserable all the time. All Peggy ever does on the show is bitch about the women bitching. So, who’s the real bitch?

  5. So Peggy is complaining about Shannon complaining… lol. I like Peggy but she seems really judgemental of Shannon for some reason, which I don’t like. Is it just a coincidence that her allies are Vicki and Lydia?!!!

  6. Love Peggy. She is a great addition to the show. She has a caring heart. Maybe one or more of the ladies could take a lesson from her.

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