Peggy Sulahian On Why She Shut Meghan King Edmonds’ Lips

Peggy Sulahian is explaining why she shut Meghan King Edmonds’ lips in this week’s episode of RHOC. In her blog, Peggy addresses Meghan’s statements and says she didn’t want Vicki Gunvalson to feel uncomfortable at her event.

“I’m glad that the girls were able to make it to our Lamborghini event, although sad that Tamra and Shannon weren’t able to attend. Upon calling Shannon to invite her to the event I hadn’t realized how abruptly I cut her off. The reason why I tried to keep the conversation short was because I didn’t want her to relive those dark moments. She did not owe me any explanation as to why she wasn’t able to attend.

Cutting balls?! I was so confused when Lydia made that comment. I literally thought they were going to cut balls off and Armenians don’t do that! It took me a minute to realize that Lydia was talking about a vasectomy, then it all made sense! That was a very funny moment!

Wow Meghan, tell me how you really feel! I don’t understand what she meant when she made that sarcastic comment about being rich. Also very unclear about the “screw you” part…is she telling me screw you, or is she saying that I would tell someone screw you because I’m so rich? If she does feel that way about me, I’m wondering why she accepted my invitation to attend the party?

The reason why I shut Meghan’s lips was because she kept going on about Vicki’s relationship with Shannon and Tamra. As Vicki being one of my guests, I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. I felt the need to intervene when Meghan didn’t get the hint to zip her mouth after Vicki was very clear that she was over that topic of conversation. I would have done the same for Meghan had she been in that situation and somebody was pushing her to discuss something she was uncomfortable with.”

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24 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian On Why She Shut Meghan King Edmonds’ Lips”

  1. Doesn’t understand American joking, snarky comments, and shade? Won’t allow fellow housewives to relive the miseries of anger and slights of past interactions with Housewives? Did anyone interview her before putting her on this show?

  2. I agree with Peggy. She zipped a very uncomfortable situation quickly. More power to her for not allowing Meghan to start a new but continuing war. These women live for drama. Peggy is definitely a cut above them. And, Meghan is too big for her silly britches.

  3. Peggy’s not so interesting, bless her heart. She’s too wooden, and her husband and his easygoing personality is the highlight of any scene she’s in.

  4. This lady is new and also may not understand some of our language such as “bite your tongue” instead of bite off your tongue. Not sure I like her yet..

  5. Peggy isn’t a good fit for the show. Her cultural differences aren’t being well received and she doesn’t fit well with the American cast

      1. I had my husband watch the scene he is Arabic, Chaldean to be exact and when he saw it he was like oh no you do not do that in any culture. He doesn’t buy her not understanding because of culture. He has been here since he was 5 and he understands. He said he has seen her type and to him she seems like a snob, and he really didn’t care for when Diko told the daughter that Italians make bad husbands or something like that and that she needed to or was going to marry an Armenian. I am part Italian and he is full Chaldean and we have dealt with this discrimination since we announced our engagement, so much so that his own parents called me some nasty names and said they would disown him if he married me, well he did 17 years now and his parents did not show up to the wedding nor did his brothers. Some of his family, some aunts and uncles and cousins did show up but they refused to and his parents still wont talk to me so he doesn’t talk to them. Just sad! I told him about the rumor of her disowning the gay brother and he said he believes it he could see it in her attitude and way she carries herself.

        1. So sorry Cassandra that your in-laws are so prejudiced. Glad your husband is there for you after 17 years. It is their loss that they will not get to know you because of nationality. God bless you.

        2. This is a perfect example of how minorities can say stupid racist shit. It’s inexusable to paint all Italians with such an ignorant brush

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