Peggy Sulahian Says Kelly Dodd’s Threats Need to Stop

Peggy Sulahian had a rough time on the girls trip to Iceland this season. In her blog, Peggy thanks Lydia McLaughlin for helping mediate the situation. Sulahian also spills the tea about how the ladies treated her and explains why she left early and alone.

“For all the beauty Iceland has to offer, it was the ugliest place I could have been. I was enlightened by all that I learned during this trip. “Living in the here and now” takes on a new meaning for these women, and an apology is only words that we spread around to get what we want for the moment.

Bless Lydia for reaching out and trying to mediate after all that happened. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know that I had recorded all that had taken place and was now going to see the vulgarities from the prior evening. Lydia means well; she has a tender and kind heart, but she has no idea what she is defending. She truly wants to see the good in people. Though that is an admirable quality, many do not deserve her kindheartedness.

Out of respect for Lydia, we headed to the dinner party she had planned. We arrived during a beautiful performance, and the restaurant and the entertainment were extraordinary. I was not comfortable with these ladies and situated myself away from them. When Kelly approached me to “apologize,” that’s when everything went south. Why couldn’t we cordially sit at dinner and enjoy the evening? Why did Kelly need to come and speak with me after her unkind and disrespectful words?

All I know is at a time when women are advocating to be respected, rather than standing by each other, we prefer to tear each other apart. And for someone to say I am sheltered because I don’t throw insults is ludicrous. Are you sure I am the confusing one? How does one respond to a woman to whom you apologize and she reacts with, “I understand but you are a little off” while she (Shannon) is the one yelling? Honestly, you can’t even get a word in edgewise while Shannon is yelling. I couldn’t explain that my story began with the time frame of when I heard Meghan’s baby cry — that is what drew me. I have no desire to criticize anyone’s parenting! But again, Shannon!

Regardless, I don’t know what bomb I threw at Kelly or what her nuke is, but her extravagant threats and continuous insults about my education, my lifestyle, and my upbringing need to stop! I will not speak about her, but my family and my husband have treated me with respect and with dignity. We choose not to use inappropriate language and know when to walk away. Somewhat like what Vicki is choosing to do. I was hurt by what she did or more by what she didn’t do. I did approach her to discuss the matter, and we did resolve it. We handled it as adults should. And though it will take some time, I do understand that she does not wish to engage in conflict for many reasons, not the least being her health.”

Thoughts on Peggy’s behavior in Iceland and what she had to say in her blog?

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36 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Says Kelly Dodd’s Threats Need to Stop”

  1. I find it hard to feel bad for Peggy. she is complaining about how she is being treated by these women? they are mere strangers to her. she can try to have her own brother kicked out from their fathers funeral but we should feel sorry for her now w these women? yeah, not happening. get off the show peggy. u r annoying at best

    1. She’s had it out for Shannon since day one and picked and picked then sits back all smug and snobby saying “see???” No lady what we see is you have constantly poked at Shannon and she gives it back

    2. exactly. But when you ask her a question about her health she gets annoyed and is insulted. How can you get to know someone when they react like that.
      Did peggy apologize to lydia in ger blog, about how she ruined her last evening ? Cause lydia was eating alone at the hotel when peggy decided she was ready to go to diner with the rest of the group. Peggy is recording a baby crying “because that’s what led me to the girls laughing about me”? Yeah right I don’t buy it. It the baby woke you up and then you heard people talking about you there’s no reason to film the baby crying. It was a dig at meghan clearly, she’s not fooling anyone.
      also, the irony: Peggy was trying to get tamra to get over what vicky did to her at the begining of the season, which is lying about cancer and all and IS HUGE; yet, she won’t accept kelly’s apology at diner, when she was trying to include peggy and trying not to make her feel bad.
      Peggy is odd and a weird ass human being. Her husband is too btw. he creeps me out.

  2. and what’s up w her saying she will have diko speak to Michael about kelly? talk to her directly. stop involving your snob of a husband.

    1. Agree…why would Diko need to speak to Michael? They are not involved. There are things I like about Peggy but she is a true drama queen who makes mountains out of mole hills.

  3. Peggy is such a drama queen, that comment about daddy was not a dig or whatever she said at her father it was a way for Kelly to show her how lame she was for saying I am going to have my husband call yours…Why are you 2 and cant handle your own battles…….get her off!

  4. Peggy both Shannon and Kelly have drinking issues! That’s a big part of both their issues.. plus they are both in DENIAL! That’s a sign of alcoholism! Kelly is vicious.. you can’t beftiend someone who is jealous/envious of your lifestyle or she is in no way shape form of fashion a Christian! You are and it makes her adversarial towards you because her animosity also may be spiritual! You trrezent something g she doesn’t understand “ darkness hates the light”! Shannon is an alcoholic and lost period! Eternal victim., none of the ladies will acknowledge her reL issues along w Kelly’s.. so steer a wide berth away from these toxic and self destructive women!

    1. Truthfully put. Plus Kelly is pouring on the batter as she cant believe she’s become part of the horror group. Good luck to that–wont last long.

  5. I understand Peggy totally. I will always have a difficult time understanding or relating to middle aged women acting & behaving like total classless idiots & lashing out at each other like immature school girls.
    The one or two sane ones in the group are outcasts & frowned upon & treated badly.
    And this is what their kids have to aspire to becoming. It is shameful.

      1. Of course I agree with you Kt, she is a fish out of water. But let’s face it, the behavior of these women are by no means along normal lines.

  6. Chin up Peggy!! Kelly was jealous bc you were a better friend to Vicki at her time of need while she was eating. She had no clue what the conversation even was when she returned from bathroom talking about throwing a nuke. All she was saying to Meghan was her baby crying is what brought her out to the hall to find the other ladies making fun of her but no one allows her to finish what she’s saying before interrupting. Tamra calling Diko a bitch is terrible. What Peggy meant by Diko told her to do something was that they discussed what the best solution was. Team Peggy!!!

  7. Peggy has a good heart. I find it so frustrating when she’s trying2 speak & these b_itches jumping 2conclusions! She’s not liked bc she doesn’t stoop 2the same level. She’s not a fake friend. I guarantee U that the only reason Kelly is accepted is bc she has! All this hoopla abt women sticking 2gether is bullsh_t & that’s so obvious here! These women have rotten personal lives& R angry with the world. Peggy has a beautiful family& supportive husband. The others, their lives R in shambles& hate that Peggy’s isn’t. She’s 2good 4 this show! These idiots belong on VH1 or MTV not on Bravo! As 4her relationship with her brother I find she answered that question! It’s a private matter. Why believe her brother over her? Using the homophobic card is nothing but a cheap shot! Spare me I’ve heard it B4! She was treated like a dog by these miserable women that have in common drinking, lying, miserable marriages, rotten personalities, morally bankrupt, etc! If U don’t like my comment get over it! I’m out. Peace!

  8. Peggy can not make herself clearly understood ,and she does not understand your momma is fatter than my momma and the my dad can whoop your dad’s butt word play.I am guessing she is and was sheltered .she has constantly started fights because of misunderstandings. I do not think this is the show for her..she constantly tells pepple to shut up .it is stressful having a conversation with someone when they are slow speak and constantly repeat what they say .anyone else notice she can not put her thoughts into a sentence instead she says “I was hurt,.I was hurt,I was hurt .”
    I can understand Kelly’s frustration.

    1. Even when she tries to explain, in her blogs, what happened, they are confusing. Maybe the ghost writer isn’t understanding…. not sure what it is, but I sure am tired of her.
      I think she is enjoying twisting everything around to make it look like they are all ganging up on her…poor, poor pitiful Peg…so misunderstood.
      Don’t let the door hit ya !!!

  9. Oh yes we get along . She used to always spend TG with her eldest son (her favorite ) but she is not getting along with his wife so last year she started coming here . We all had a good time . She will be here for 5 or 6 days
    Do your sisters come to you for TG?

  10. Doing good cutie pie . Enjoying our cold front . Having fun laughing at all the people running around with jackets on. It’s 57

  11. It can be hard no doubt . Sorry about your plants . With all the stuff I’ve put in this year I’ll have to cover if we get a frost this winter . I don’t know what can handle the frost and what can’t

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