Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Fired From RHOC- Exclusive Update

RHOC newbie Peggy Sulahian will not return to season thirteen of the show, according to a new report Sulahian has been fired.

Bravo has reportedly fired Peggy, even though she was torn about coming back for another season, RadarOnline reports.

“None of the ladies wanted to work with her anymore,” a network insider revealed. “After the reunion they were just done with her.”

“She didn’t bring anything to the table,” a second source said, adding that her fights with the ladies are what sealed the deal.

“The other women cannot stand Peggy. She has started so many fights with the ladies that were absolutely outrageous and unnecessary,” a source claimed.

A rep for Bravo said “no decisions” have been made regarding next season’s cast.

Our insider revealed exclusively that Peggy has not been contacted by Bravo and that she has not been fired.

I still believe she won’t be returning. And a second source tells us, “Peggy is gone.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


24 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Reportedly Fired From RHOC- Exclusive Update”

    1. Peggy is fabulous the events her and diko threw were so cool to watch instead of the lame brunches the other ladies put together all the time LAME

  1. saw this coming…she wasn’t a good fit…but we definitely need an actual housewife with an aspirational life…..Megan should be fired too, having babies isn’t a storyline and candle making is not aspirational.

  2. I’m sure that hurts. I’m sure she’s hurting. She’s hurt. She was hurt, now she’s hurt and she will be hurting in the future too.

    Good riddance, I hope this is true.

  3. I really liked Peggy they should have dumped meghan all the girls didn’t give Peggy a fair chance they were clearly jealous of her cause her lifestyle fits the housewive criteria! All the other women are just plain yapping American simpleton cougars…. the REAL American way is the way Peggy and Diko created their life! Haters can fall back you know it’s true the other ladies are lazy

    1. Andrea, you said exactly my thoughts. I totally agree she was not given a fair chance. She is class, they are not.
      Meghan should’ve been the one to exit.
      I hope Lydia remains.

        1. Oh Amanda, I called you ‘Andrea’. Put it down to not enough morning coffee. I’m so sorry.
          We both agree & that’s wonderful. God bless.

          1. Oh My Goodness, I was not wrong, I was referring to Andrea in truth, again my apologies. So off today. Spilled my coffee twice, burnt my hand in the oven. I thanked God & put it down to Monday instead of saying I’m a klutz. Again my apologies.

  4. I have nothing against her, but she didn’t fit. She always seemed clueless and that she didn’t understand what was going on. The arguments from that were not entertaining. No real connection or rivalries with the other wives

  5. Peggy acted like an a$$ in Iceland and there is absolutely no coming back from that. I was both impressed and annoyed with Kelly for apologizing to the delusional twat about the “your daddy”-comment. I would have laughed at her and explained why Peggy was an idiot.

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