Peggy Sulahian Regrets Opening Up About Cancer Battle with RHOC Co-Stars

The newest RHOC star Peggy Sulahian was quick to open up to her co-stars on the show about her breast cancer battle, explaining that she had a double mastectomy in order to prevent a cancerous growth from spreading.

Peggy explaining her situation to the RHOC ladies had some of them confused and asking more questions, and now Peggy is opening up about how she regrets opening up about her journey.

“I’ve had a lot of health issues, and it struck me all of a sudden out of nowhere. It wasn’t a cancer scare; it was cancer. And it happened so fast that we needed to take it out in a matter of three months. It was very aggressive, even though it was small, but it was very aggressive,” Peggy shared, adding that the women’s “interrogation is not supportive,” though she admitted that she was “in denial” with her health issues at the time, especially since she had just dealt with the passing of her father. “So when they asked me, I was kind of dumbfounded that I had to think about my emotions at that time, my feeling how it was, and I just wanted to back up and say, ‘I don’t want to know that I did have it.’ So that’s how the miscommunication came across.”

Peggy told The Daily Dish she is “not happy” that she shared her cancer battle with the RHOC ladies. “They don’t deserve it. I’m not happy I discussed it. My whole intent was to have support from them, especially the first [dinner] at the Quiet Woman. Sitting there with five women, I wanted to express it, and I wanted to talk to them about it, to get feedback, have the support. I didn’t even get to talk about anything. I just sat there and watched the show with entertainment and food,” she said. “It’s pretty harsh, and if they say that it’s coming out of, ‘We’re just asking,’ it’s like, stab me in the back and say sorry. Who are you? Yeah, it doesn’t work with me.”

Now, when it comes to fans of RHOC, Peggy is very grateful for them reaching out and showing there support.

“The fans have been amazing with [sharing] their problems and ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting it out there.’ It’s amazing. ‘Thank you.’ That’s all I hear, that’s all I get, and that gives me strength. It’s given me a lot of strength to go on. I think they’ve been my support system,” Peggy said. “It’s amazing, really amazing. I’ve given them strength, but I’ve got strength more from them.”

This season we see Peggy getting ready for reconstructive breasts surgery, which includes getting expanders put it. “I would always be in pain. My arms would get numb. It was terrible having those expanders. It was terrible. I was hurting, nobody would see it, but I was in pain all the time. I would get expanders and go home, and I would just go in bed,” Peggy shared. “It’s like metal in you, and I did not know anything. I just went in blindsided. I had to do what I had to do.”

Peggy is very grateful to be getting back to regular life again. “What a difference,” Peggy said of how she feels today. “My color’s back.”

What are your thoughts about Peggy on RHOC and her cancer story?

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18 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Regrets Opening Up About Cancer Battle with RHOC Co-Stars”

    1. She really is. First, as a cancer victim, who would go and be friends or even WANT to be friends with the person involved with a cancer scam for sympathy? Second, yes, Peggy is a moron: if you don’t want to be asked about your f-ing cancer, don’t talk about your f-ing cancer… Imagine: Peggy or her husband talking about her cancer as they do in every episode and people responding with ‘…, ok cool, look how nice the weather it!!” I mean how f-ing rude, of course if you talk about your cancer people are going to ask. And it is how you bond with people, when you as questions about what they went through… I’ll stop now, peggy and her husband are real morons.

    2. She is quite the whack job ! That article was confusing as she said she didn’t want to talk about it and then says she did want to talk about it at the Quiet Woman… HUH?
      And her color is back because she put make up on..

  1. She should have never discussed it with them. Has she never watched the show? It was bound to end up ridiculous after last years crap. Just because you are on a reality tv show doesnt mean you MUST share every detail of your life. Its okay to keep things to yourself.

    1. why not? it’s her story. The way she is reacting to the questions is the problem, if she didn’t want to be asked about it then you’re right, she shouldn’t have talked about it. Do you think Tamra’s cancer journey will be featured and questioned next season? I don’t. Why? Cause tamra is open to talk about everything (i nkow you can’t compare the two but still…). Peggy signed up to talk about her life, but she doesn’t want to be questions about it? please…

      1. Jay, I think it’s how these women go about their questioning. It seems more like interrogation than concerned asking to me.

  2. I like Peggy. It may be a Reality Show but that doesn’t mean you have to open up to everything. Some things are just private. This bunch of ladies would be the last group I would look to for support. They are paid to bring drama. The bunch are not true friends…. tv friends.

  3. I like Peggy, she’s not a single drop like these women. Support system from them? Never!!!!!!! Just glance back to the past & note the number they did on Vicki.
    I do not blame her for a second for not wanting to share with them.
    One cant share with back stabbers.

    1. she’s worse. she’s on a reality show and gets upset when asked about her journey and what she’s going through, and she’s a homophobe. so she’s even a little worse than cancer scam peggy

  4. I dont know what went on here. I think Peggy is a horrible communicator but she did have a double mastectomy and her dr says in one TV clip that she had cancer starting. I dont think Peggy will be back for season 2. This sure doesnt look like fun for her.

    1. Like Dorit , I feel it was more Peggy’s husband that wanted to be on the show than her . Some of these husbands are thirsty

  5. As if she had a choice, that´s her story for her first season, other than her cancer she brings nothing to the table…driving fast cars and babbling in Armenian can get her only so far. I´ve got the feeling she will be another Peggy Tannous, a one season wonder

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