Peggy Sulahian On Her Confrontation With Tamra Judge

Peggy Sulahian is reacting to her confrontation with Tamra Judge in her blog this week. Peggy insists that her intention wasn’t to discuss Tamra’s past with Vicki Gunvalson. She also adds that she doesn’t appreciate Tamra telling her to “watch herself,” when she was angry.

“Seeing Vicki’s bond with her grandkids resembled the family dynamic in my home. Vicki seems very connected with her family and I was able to see her values while she hung out in the kitchen with her kids and grandchildren. The little babies are so adorable!

Even though the Sip-and-See was an awkward and intense exchange, I was glad to see Meghan at the event. I think Meghan and Jimmy are a sweet couple, but it threw me off when she mentioned him being an “a**hole”. I think he’s an amazing guy..

Watching Doug spoil beautiful Lydia melted my heart! It’s so sweet that Doug goes out of his way for all of Lydia’s birthdays in order to honor the family traditions she has. When Lydia shared that money should be spent, I completely understood what she meant. Spouses work hard for their money, they’re entitled to spend it however they choose. I have to admit the Gianelle Designs wheels Diko and Doug picked out on the Aston Martin looked HOT!!! I hope Lydia will enjoy them in good health.

Don’t you just love when all your kids say, “mom, mom, mom?” Living with two teenage daughters isn’t always the easiest…“opening a can of worms”! That’s what I meant! C’mon you can’t blame me. I have 50 things going on in my head just like every other mom! Yes, I was an English major, graduated from UCLA, and I know Giovanna’s statement was not really what she meant.

Watching Tamra and Eddie having dinner together was a very special moment. They have an incredible support system in times of sorrow, and I admire how appreciative Tamra is of Eddie’s love and respect for her.

At Lydia’s Nobleman party, my intention wasn’t to discuss Vicki and Tamra’s past. Tamra volunteered to inform me about the accusations made by Vicki and when I told her that she was dwelling on it, she became very defensive. Her defense turned into attack, while my goal was not to make her feel uncomfortable. Rather, I was trying to tell her that their differences should be left in the past, and no longer be discussed in order to avoid feeling hurt over the lost friendship.

On another note, I don’t appreciate Tamra speaking out of anger and telling me to “watch myself.” I feel that it’s very rude and uncalled for, considering I had no malicious intent by offering my advice.”

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9 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian On Her Confrontation With Tamra Judge”

  1. I’m not digging this Peggy. She’s the new kid on the block how’s about not zipping people’s lips and asserting your strong opinions about women you have yet to have personal experiences with yet? And letting others handle their shit they way they feel. She’s coming off all knowing and I think she’s being coy with her play on wrong words. And she wears too much makeup and her crayola yellow colored car is ugly. No I do not care for this know it all. She’ll be flinging plates at Icky by seasons end.

  2. Peggy is a breath of fresh air for this show! As we all know, they only hire strong personalities so this should be no surprise to anyone. So far, she has been one of the most positive and pleasant personalities, aside from maybe Lydia. Consider the fact that Peggy lost her mother at a young age to breast cancer, and then lost her father during the time she learned she had too had breast cancer. The point she’s been trying to make is that life is short so enjoy it! Meanwhile, her sense of humor and expressions may confuse people but that is just part of her culture; she wears a lot of makeup but she’s still beautiful. Let’s face it, she doesn’t need it, whereas the others wear it out of necessity. I’m sensing jealousy from Tamra. Who does she think she is telling Peggy to ‘watch it’? Peggy could probably crush her like a flea on an elephant. Some of the other women look at her like a science project, because they are intolerant and ignorant to different cultures apparently. They are also self centered, and very quick to judge. In Meghan’s case, she of all people is a know-it-all! When she truly matures and has lived life, her tune should change. Her tagline “I can handle a baby AND these women” is a joke given the fact she has a nanny, for one thing! And she is no longer the breast cancer ‘expert’ on the show which (SADLY) intimidates her.

  3. So dumbum is mad she gave her advice? But was ok to give Tamra advice? Shut up stupid. Just what they need another pretenious bitch.What is coal?stupid ass

  4. Watch out for the cursing, spiteful and unforgiving new “Jesus Jugs”.. her behavior does not indicate there has been a “change” since her “conversion” experience! Her eyes appear malicious again! Going backwards into all the former bad behavior again..I hope she can correct herself but I don’t think she can! Have you noticed she’s also starting to age badly! Poor daughter has to file a “cease and desist” in order to get her to stop talking about her (to garner sympathy and attention ( for herself)! Simon was a good guy who has done a good job w those kids.. better off without her! Too self obsorbed..

  5. Tamara could not have been more horrible to Peggy. Just goes to show that the beady eyed witch is still practicing. She actually looked very ugly & aged when she was attacking. How long did her new found Christianity last? An hour–less? She so fake & deceitful.

  6. IN response to Louise: I thought she said she did not have breast cancer and did NOT have the breast cancer gene when questioned by one of the others (Tamra maybe). Am I wrong???

  7. Peggy just does not need to be around such hatred. She should keep as far away as possible from Tamara who is a dried up, haggard bag of witch.

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