Peggy Sulahian Now Understands Why Shannon Beador Has Been Lashing Out

Peggy Sulahian is reacting to the drama she didn’t know she was starting at Meghan King Edmonds’ dinner. In her blog, Peggy explains why she didn’t have any interest in the psychic and how everything about Shannon makes sense to her now. Sulahian insists she had no idea Shannon was having problems with her husband and that is why she has been lashing out all season.

“Like I said at Meghan’s house, I have no interest in the psychic. I wanted to support Meghan out of respect and was later notified that she had a special guest. My path has been laid out and I am content in holding on to my faith. However, having said that, the dinner presentation was beautiful. Meghan’s Chef David did a wonderful job with the food and it was delicious. And to top things off was Lydia’s invitation to Iceland. I have never been to Iceland nor have I been on a girls trip. I usually travel with my family and I know this sounds odd in this day and age! But I am sure it will be a fun adventure. Wait, what am I supposed to pack? It was comforting to see that we were all in the same boat trying to figure out what to pack. Too bad the luggage is small!

Coming back to the dinner party, I guess I pushed the WRONG button with Shannon. Unbeknownst to me, she had issues with David. That’s why all the jaws dropped. It never crossed my mind that Shannon was in such a fragile state. It is clear to me now that this poor woman is dealing with so many issues in her life and that explains why she is lashing out everywhere. My intention was to clear the air and make peace with her. I don’t like conflict with others and I want people to know where I stand on issues. It is never good to push things “under the rug.” I wanted to talk to Shannon but all she did was twist what I said, retaliate, yell, and cry. At that time, I was still recovering from surgery and I was not as grounded as I am today. All I was looking for from these women was support and friendship. Kudos to Meghan for calling it as she saw it. I do apologize to Meghan for ruining her beautiful dinner, yet shouldn’t the psychic have predicted the clashing of colors?”

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28 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Now Understands Why Shannon Beador Has Been Lashing Out”

  1. Very difficult anymore to have sympathy for this calculated passive aggressive b****. Mizz Peggy is acting a coy little wolf. She knew exactly what button she was pushing with Shannon. She’s a fake a phony.

    Also…she was rude regarding the psychic. No manners whatsoever even if it wasn’t her bag. Sit up woman and quit with the ugli faces, have some respect for others it’s not all about you.

      1. NOOOooooooo….spiteful, hatefull (not a misspell). She says “I guess I pushed the WRONG button” – she knew what she was doing…

              1. because she can’t make or keep any friends on her own. And that dude she’s dating must be a complete loser. Maybe I need to quit reading the recaps – LOL – gets me all fired up.

                1. Apparently that dude has a history of corruption that’s why he’s no longer a cop. Can’t remember the details

                  1. He beat up a jay walker and the walker sued the city for something like 300k and won. I believe there were other problems, but that’s the only incident I remember. I’m too lazy to go back and google him!!

          1. Peggy needs to stop this innocent act..
            Lydia and Peggy are pretty transparent. They both enjoy baiting Shannon.
            Of course, I am tired of Shannon taking the bait and going batshyte..
            I honestly have a migraine after last nights episode..

  2. It’s pitiable to be ignorant. It’s somewhat excusable to be arrogant. But the combination of the two is ridiculous. Peggy needs to find some manners.

  3. Peggy had no idea Shannon was having problems in her marriage, and didn’t realize she was in a fragile state? Riiiiight, Peggy. Take a seat and don’t speak unless you are spoken to. Zip it.

  4. Peggy is indeed too dumb to blink, but she’s right about Shannon. Shannon is sticking her nose in everyone’s business because she is miserable with hers. Get right Shannon, and stop wasting your time on conflicts with fools like Lidya and Peggy.

  5. Well, since i’m used to being in the minority, i will just put this out right here: I love Peggy on this show. I don’t think she’s dumb at all—-and i really don’t mind her language challenges. I love how she just irks everyone because they can’t handle her cool and deadly demeanor. To me she’s the only real straight shooter on the show. I used feel the same about Kelly (well obviously not the cool demeanor part), but now she’s playing the two-faced, alliance building game. I miss the straight shooter, give zero f*cks Kelly. I love how Peggy does not bow down to these women….and how she is not a carbon copy of everyone else.

    1. I’m not in ♥ with her, but she has done a good job on her Freshman season. These people are paid to “perform”, and that can’t be easy when you are joining an established click. Diko is obviously very invested in his wife’s new r/tv career! Unlike the other Peggy, I think this one has done enough to get an invite for a second season.

  6. It was an odd episode. On minute Peggy has found her voice and is going to ream Shannut a new one (for a ridiculously lame reason), but then it apparently misfires and she’s seen sobbing in the car (as resident shit disturbing waif Lydia comforts her). Shannut is clearly being pushed to the edge of insanity, but she does bring a lot of it on herself. The preview of next week looks really good …the DAGGERS coming out of Shannut’s eyes as she observes Victim and Tamra apparently bonding over a parka fitting. Her worst nightmare coming to fruition!

  7. I blame you Peggy not Shannon. You tormented her for a story line. And who I am really sickened by is rainbows and light Lydia sticking her nose into it and stirring the sh*t. She claims to be a Christian yet torments a suffering woman. And Shannon is suffering which which is why she is so emotional. Lydia you ought to be ashamed.

  8. “Peggy finally understands why Shannon is lashing out.” Are we really sure Peggy understands? I mean Shannon is American and we know Peggy struggles with American sayings because wait for it…Peggy is Armenian. I know it is a shock to everyone. Peggy has fried my last nerve.

  9. In the minority or otherwise, I really like Peggy. I also really like Lydia as well.
    I finally feel bad for Shannon–to a point as she has truly done the majority of damage to herself. Hope she finds peace.

  10. I may be in the minority, but i do not believe Peggy wants to torture Shannon. I believe she is a HORRIBLE communicator, but other than that I feel pretty neutral towards her. She does get the occasional point for not caving in to Freshman hazing. But frankly, watching her on the show most times is like watching paint dry. I prefer her husband Diko. He’s jovial, and when he does interact with others in group settings, he does not attack people or use cruel, dismissive, or derogatory language as some other husbands across other franchises tend to do.

  11. Lydia is no Christian ,,, a dirt digging pot stirer ,,, Peggy plain nasty !
    Lydia’s mag will not be successful after clients see this season,,,,, it’s only an advertising rag anyway, never gonna be anything more, no noble man would use it , not even for toilet paper!

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