Peggy Sulahian Explains Her Breast Cancer Story

Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Sulahian is clarifying her breast cancer story, because her co-stars and viewers have been quite confused about what really happened.

Peggy confirmed that she was given a cancer diagnosis after a lump was found in her breast. Sulahian says fans may be confused because she wasn’t speaking clearly at lunch with Shannon Beador earlier in the season.

“I was in denial, and I don’t want to sit there crying, because it hasn’t hit me yet, because I was still dealing with my dad’s death. So it’s been a mess. I was on medication. I was in pain; my face color is different, my tone is different,” Peggy told the OC Register. “You can hear me stutter, because my breasts were hurting so bad… they were expanding it and that pressure, it feels like metal in there, and I was just not a happy person.”

Peggy shared how her mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of 51. “Breast cancer has haunted me most of my adult life. I hate the word and the disease. Personally, I have pushed it out of my mind and accepting the fact that I had cancer is surreal. My biggest fears had come to life. Not only had it taken my mother from me, but it loomed in the back of my mind,” Peggy wrote in a blog. “If I am confusing to all the ladies, it is because I don’t want to speak of my cancer, but I’ve realized it connects to viewers and their stories.”

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18 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Explains Her Breast Cancer Story”

  1. I don’t understand why there has been so much confusion about Peggy’s situation; she explained it in her first episode appearance in her confessionals and via scenes with her doctor, but it seems to have flown over a lot of viewers’ heads and all this questioning of “does she or doesn’t she have cancer?” has been testing my patience since the new season began. On the show It’s almost as if the women don’t want to understand, and are grasping at anything to create a non-scandal around Peggy for conflict content on the show. I’ve found it very annoying because the information she has shared could be very informative and relatable for a lot of people, if only producers and cast mates wouldn’t try to exploit it for dramatic interaction amongst the group. I’ve already had enough of that with Beverly Hills and the absolutely criminal way they dealt with Lyme Disease.

    1. She does things like emphatically stating that she did NOT have a lump in her breast but now she’s saying she DID have a lump – so which is it? I think she is simply not good at communicating what has happened to her and that leaves a lot of questions.

    2. It’s sad but the audience is now always primed to be suspicious thanks to Brooks . It’s a sad situation
      Love you DOWR ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. the other ladies are searching for more mean story lines to keep them on the show…. nasty ladies…. leave Peggy alone regarding breast removal, etc…..

    1. Peggy has no story, except her mastectomy, in that senses she´s no different from the other broads….driving fast cars can only get you so far

  3. Bottom line–JUST BE HONEST and say “I don’t want to talk about this”–or say, “I support anyone’s decision what they do with their body and how they treat their health problems–PERIOD.

  4. These women are just plain nasty & interferring. They love to believe the worst of others.

    Peggy shared as much as she needed to & it was clear as we saw with what both she & her doctor said. The women just wanted to dig as usual. Just plain mean & petty.

  5. I must have missed that episode – Did the doctor says she had cancer? I have found it all confusing as well. Regardless, they need to stop drilling her about it if she doesnt want to talk about it. Doctors dont just perform mastectomies for no reason.

  6. Peggy we believe you.. these vicious women are so messed up personally that they try to create drama for others just to deflect from their own “screwed up lives”! I mean look at nut job Shannon (the never ending affair) and bipolar behavior..Kelly is divorcing her husband because she’s through “using him as her sugar daddy”, Vicki doesn’t want to be alone but Steve is boring( hooked on bad boys and shysters), Tamra got what she deserved with her bisexual ( if not gay) younger husband, Meaghan is all alone in her big house with her baby but no husband.. he’s so emotionally unavailable and checked out.. even she says he’s a jerk! NONE of them are happy, fulfilled or in a healthy relationship! So.. if they are attacking you..feel sorry for them..they are trying to make themselves feel better!

  7. Peggy doesn’t have to tell these judgmental women anything. I doubt that she went through a double mastectomy just for the fun of it. Shannon and Tamra need to stop with the side looks and eye-rolling. It’s none of their business.

  8. Beautiful post Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your background as a nurse helps all of understand so many things that we may have missed otherwise
    Love you xoxxo

  9. At least she referred to us as “viewers” and not her fans, so kudos to Peggy. She is an odd duck, but she is growing on me.

  10. If I was told I had breast cancer I would do exactly what Peggy did. But I must admit I was confused on whether she had it or not after the first episode she appeared in. But I would not have reconstruction as I am too damn old for that. Plus I hate wearing a bra.

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