Peggy Sulahian Addresses Diko’s Conversation With Shannon Beador

Peggy Sulahian is taking to her blog this week to react to her anniversary party. Sulahian clears up her cancer journey for those who do not understand and addresses Diko’s conversation with Shannon.

“Relationships seem to be the theme of this episode. From broken to embraced, let’s review what’s happening. I was proud of Vicki for extending an olive branch, as Steve said. She wants to mend the relationship that has spanned a ten year period. It’s sad how a relationship that was so tight has drifted so far apart. But it was important enough to Vicki that she apologized. I guess Tamra is still wounded and doesn’t seem to want to mend fences yet, but seeing as they were so close, it may just be a matter of time.”

Peggy also clears up her cancer journey for everyone.

“Unless it it’s a matter of misunderstanding again. Perhaps we all need to be clearer when we speak. Like when I explained my ailment to each of the ladies…maybe there was a preconceived notion that I was trying to deceive them, so they weren’t listening attentively. Obviously, I’m having the difficulty in the realization of what I’ve gone through, but again, here is a quick recap:

– saw a mass
– an MRI confirmed the mass

– pre-cancer cells found

Surgery one:
– removed a 25mm mass (3mm of which was cancerous), negative BRACA

Surgery two:
– double mastectomy
– checked lymph nodes (found to be cancer free since caught early)
– expanders put in

Surgery three:
– removal of expanders
– replaced with implants

Hopefully this clears it up for the whole world!”

Peggy shares her thoughts about Diko confronting Shannon.

“Diko may have misinterpreted David’s intentions due to manner in which David came back with questions at him that appeared to be more interrogative rather than concern. This was the first time Diko and David had met, and I feel like maybe their two strong personalities clashed. In hindsight, after a few more encounters with David, as well as further insight from Doug and Michael about David’s personality, Diko reevaluated his initial reaction towards their encounter on the boat. The next time they met, Diko and David were more amicable as they had a better understanding of each other’s personalities. David’s questions were clearly out of confusion, and he was really just looking for clarification on the specifics of my medical condition.

Subsequently, Diko felt that he owed Shannon an apology and explanation on his perspective and reaction. His intention was to make sure that Shannon understood where he was coming from and avoid ungrounded friction. He felt that Shannon was owed the two sides of the story and wanted to own up to his misinterpretation of David’s personality and intentions, which was the cause of my negative reaction towards David as well. Unfortunately, Shannon felt very defensive about the situation and wasn’t open to hearing Diko, much less accepting the gesture he was putting forward. I’m saddened that his good intentions and his humble gesture went to waste when Shannon saw it as an attack.

To the party! Yes, I am very thankful that we have survived 22 years together. It hasn’t been easy — we have gone through a lot. We had a humble beginning and are very cognizant of the fact that we have made it very far. And yes, we do enjoy it! We savor every minute. I hope everyone is as fortunate as we are. Work hard, and I mean hard. Diko didn’t just put in eight hour days; no, he worked all day and all night to get his business on its feet. As a family, we sacrificed a lot to make this happen. It is a family affair, including Diko’s parents and sister Nancy who are still part of the business. I’m so happy that all the ladies were at the party. Hopefully, they enjoyed the atmosphere. I did, like Tamra said, I was in my element with no resting bitch face. Lol! My only complaint was that the girls didn’t include Lydia and Vicki in the hookah session. But my handsome son did stay with Vicki, who seemed to adore him — who wouldn’t? I LOOOOOVE my son!”

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24 Replies to “Peggy Sulahian Addresses Diko’s Conversation With Shannon Beador”

  1. Are any of you fine feathered folks on this site privy to Diko & Peggy’s actual marital status? I swear I read that they were actually divorced or estranged. I don’t believe everything I read, so that’s why I’m investigating further.

      1. Yikes. THAT sounds like a living hell. Like, you can’t stand being married to someone anymore, I’d assume you’d just want to get far, far away from them. But no, you choose to LIVE together? I’d rather live in a tiny studio apartment. Or have a roommate. I guess when you’re run by Master Money, freedom isn’t an option. Gotta keep up with the Joneses.

  2. Ha! Yeah. I find her and Diko so hard to relate to in any way. It’s not cultural, I generally gobble up people from other cultures because it’s just so interesting to see different traditions and foods and languages, but they’re so….weird and awkward. And arrogant. Don’t forget arrogant.

  3. Was happy for Peggy & Diko’s happy occasion. But the rest of it? No!
    Why Diko tried to talk to Shannon was wrong place, wrong time & just maybe he came off sounding more confused than Peggy’s explanations. Plus, he was talking to a ditz of a stonewall. One cant get through to imbecile.

    1. I know, right?
      I, thought it was Bizzaro that Dilko went to Shannon to what?
      Talk to her about what David said to, him? It was very strange.
      Couldn’tt Dilko Call David and talk to, Himself?

      1. It’s called ‘air time’… needs to be seen as much as possible and talk about anything and everything to anybody that will listen, and is in front of a camera 😉

  4. Who else finds this ‘blog’ by Peggy to be a bit suspicious? This twit can barely speak English on the show but in her blog she uses words like ‘preconceived’, amicable’, ‘subsequently’, ‘ungrounded friction’ oh and let’s not gloss over the word ‘cognizant’.

    I call BS on this posing loon. Hoping she does NOT return to the show

  5. Of course Shannon didnt went to hear it – she never wants to hear “it” from anyone. She has a brick wall up and loves to argue when people say anyhting she doesnt like.
    As for P and D. Yes they are seriously all about flaunting their wealth and possessions. I am not into that at all.
    Then there’s Vicki – spending time with P’s son…we know Vicki just loves to be around the male persuasion as much as possible. She needs constant coddling.

  6. I don’t know what was more awkward, watching Vicki telling her problems to the 9 year old boy or Diko admonishing Shannon for her husband’s conversation with him. However, there was no need for Shannon’s dramatics like leaving and crying (as usual). Also Lydia, after the garish gifts her husband gave her for her birthday, they go to an anniversary party and FORGET TO BRING A GIFT?

        1. Many years of mental health appointments. Those floppy boobs and alcohol breath…poor boy. LOL. I seriously felt for him in all honesty.

  7. True. Diko also approached the unapprochable. Would’ve been so much better to talk man to man with David. All in all, what he did was not right.

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