Paul Nassif’s Lawsuit Against Bernie Guzman Heats Up, Bernie Still Works For Adrienne Maloof!


Adrienne Maloof’s chef, Bernie, is no stranger to drama, especially when he posted pictures of what looked like a beaten Adrienne on his Facebook page and alleged Paul Nassif was a “monster.” Paul filed a lawsuit against Bernie for the post, and the case was recently heard by a Judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Judge Yvette Palazuelos says she wanted more time before making the ruling permanent and took a motion by chef Bernie Guzman to force arbitration of Dr. Paul Nassif’s allegations under submission,” the Beverly Hills Patch is reporting.

Judge Palazeuelos based her tentative ruling on the fact that Nassif never signed an employment agreement.

Bernie was hired by Paul & Adrienne in August of 2005, and when under oath he stated; “on numerous occasions … I personally witnessed (Nassif) verbally and physically abuse and batter his wife, Ms. Maloof, their three children and the family dog. I witnessed (Nassif) verbally abuse the household employees as well.”

Bernie claims Paul gave him an employment agreement in February of 2012 that included “a variety of policies” and an agreement to arbitrate disputes between himself and his employers.

“(Nassif) insisted that I sign the employment agreement,” Bernie says. “He informed me that if I refused to sign the employment agreement, I would be terminated.”

Paul’s court documents also reveal that Bernie sent him a threatening text message in July stating, “Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife? I have plenty of family photos … some not so pretty.”

According to Guzman’s lawyer, he is still employed by Adrienne Maloof.

Photo Credit: Bravo