Paul Nassif Under Investigation for Child Abuse Claims, Adrienne Maloof Questioned

Just as things seemed to be going for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and ex husband Dr. Paul Nassif. After appearing on the show during a lunch with Kyle Richards talking about her civil friendship with her former husband, Radar Online has reported that Paul is now under investigation for child abuse and that Adrienne was also questioned.

A source told the site that Adrienne,  “has been interviewed by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services. Social workers asked how the kids were doing, and other routine questions that are commonly asked. Adrienne’s primary concern is the kids and their well-being. Period.”

These allegations began with Paul’s former bodyguard Kevin Villalobos. The Botched star’s former employee wrote a resignation letter that stated, “I could not silently standby while you hit and injured your children in angry outbursts.” The letter was also sent to Maloof that resulted with Paul  suing Kevin for defamation over the claims.

Though these claims are being held against Paul an insider told Radar that the case will most likely be dropped. “Paul is a dedicated dad, and is fully cooperating with the investigation. He has nothing to hide.”

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20 Replies to “Paul Nassif Under Investigation for Child Abuse Claims, Adrienne Maloof Questioned”

  1. These are the kinds of rumors that can truly damage not only someone’s career, but their children and their custody arrangement with their ex and the court. This is the second time these ugly rumors have surfaced, first from the chef, Bernie. I hope Paul does everything he is allowed to do to clear his name for himself.
    Anyone making false accusations should be prosecuted, IMO. That is more serious than slander. But anyone making them when they believe they are true shouldn’t be scared off by his celebrity either.

    1. ITA! Any person who falsely and callously accuses a parent of abusing their child, should be prosecuted! And if this indeed happened, why did this employee not report it right away, rather than wait till they ‘resign’ ??

      1. Right. It seems like whether they are public people or simply rich, Like Adrienne Maloof, they have to deal with things we could not hope to understand. Can you imagine wondering EVERY time someone seemed interested in you what they were after, or what they were going to say about you later? Which part of your conversation would be taken out of context to make a nice story to sell? It is one reason I give the gossip and innuendo a huge grain of salt. People like the Richards Sisters, (I have gotten 1/2 way through the book, House of Hilton now), why they seem disingenuous. I have always thought must have been stamped into being part of who they grew up to be, having to think before speaking, the public ALWAYS having something to say from the time they learned how to speak. Wishing at times they hadn’t spoken. It’s like trying to put the steam valve on a pressure cooker all the way closed. Sometimes it blows out at the wrong time, and trying to screw it shut again is awkward, if that makes sense.

        1. Starr you are welcome! My big big no no on blogs is when twats insult kids! Say what they want about parents but not the kids!

          1. I do wish there were some of the cast blogs from last night’s show. It was a good show. All the ladies got into it without swearing or throwing anything or insulting each other with the lowest possible remarks they could think of‼️Kyle and Yolanda first. Then Yolanda had the presence of mind to tell Kyle “she carries a lot in the vault” So, even tho she has only 31% brain function, she remembers all the stuff she would like to put out about everyone.❀Then she went in after Lisa V. and on to another gathering where Eileen once again brought up Lisa not apologizing, (which is getting ridiculous now) That was actually at a lunch Lisa set up in her own yard. It was such a lovely spot too.

    1. Holy Mother F’er, what do you know about there, their, they’re, thou,then,that,twit, twot, twat, I smell a rat. Leave the kids alone, that’s pretty low to go!

  2. Kids do not deserve to be hit. I agree. I just do not know what to believe when disgruntled employees or ex employees put stuff out there. I thought Adrienee’s chef was out of line before and really, no one knows what really goes on. That is why they make nanny cams, so even the nicest people can be spied on behind closed doors.

  3. Kids don’t but people on these blogs should not say what twat above has said, this really annoys me, they don’t know these people! I don’t like this story on the blog anyway which is why I had made a one line comment!

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