Paul Nassif Is Suing Adrienne Maloof’s Chef Bernie Guzman!

Bernie Guzman

Adrienne Maloof’s ex-husband, Paul Nassif, is suing the couple’s former chef, Bernie Guzman, for releasing the beaten and bruised pictures of Adrienne on his Facebook page. The photos circled the internet after Guzman released them, and he made strong allegations that Paul abused Adrienne. Now, it looks like he will pay the price!

TMZ is reporting that Paul Nassif has sued Bernie Guzman, his former chef, claiming Guzman blackmailed and extorted him after falsely accusing Paul of being a wifebeater. Paul is alleging in the lawsuit, Bernie Guzman plastered photos of a bruised Adrienne on his Facebook page, with text that read in part, “Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground.  Punched and beaten.” Bernie also wrote, “Now you know who and what he [Paul] really is … he is a beast.”  Paul says the claims of abuse are “outrageous and vicious lies.”

As for the blackmail claims? Paul says he sicked his lawyers on the chef, and Bernie texted back, “Stop harassing me…Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife … Kids & animals.  I have plenty of pretty family photos … Some not so pretty … Stay away …”

TMZ reports Paul is suing for unspecified damages…

UPDATE: Bernie Guzman is responding to Paul’s lawsuit via RadarOnline. “Paul is a 50-year-old man acting like a little boy,” Bernie tells Radar. “He is trying to silence the violence and I’m not going to let him.” Guzman tells Radar he plans to fight the lawsuit. “Paul has been trying to keep me quiet for a long time. My mom and my niece were victims of domestic violence and I’m not going to let that happen to anyone else that I care about. I’m fighting for all those women out there who can’t fight for themselves.”

Photo Credit: Bravo